Sharpening my pencils…

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… and looking for ideas on how I can turn up the green without turning up the suck, too. A friend of mine suggested to me yesterday, “You know how you can REALLY help the environment? Start writing letters to China.” He has a point: maybe switching from regular kitty litter to soy-based kitty litter (is there soy-based kitty litter?) isn’t going to have a worthwhile impact in the long run. But for the same reasons I convince myself that my vote counts, I’m going to convince myself that my daily attempts at being an ecophile count, too.

So if anyone has any recommendations, thoughts or suggestions for something I can do, a product I can switch to, a habit I can change, feel free to drop an email or comment — to be honest, I’m starting to think 365 is a very big number, and writing posts about how I’m eating more swiss chard just isn’t going to cut it.

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  1. So the soy-kitty litter can be March 1, and letters to china March 2. Many days for many changes and big or small- they all make a difference. People are either part of the problem or part of the solution. There is no grey area when it comes to our dying planet. I’ll help you eat better and you can help me live better. And did you know that the diva cup comes with a lapel pin that says ‘Diva” with a little daisy flower?

  2. Lori V. says:

    How did I miss your two February posts, Vanessa?

    I have lots of suggestions, Vanessa, as I am growing greener every day, too.

    Not sure about soy kitty litter, but we have switched to SWheat Scoop, which is made from wheat hulls instead of clay strip-mined from the American Southwest. With four cats (and two ferrets), it had to pass big performance tests, but it held up beautifully!

    I’m loving some of your suggestions, and don’t forget to visit me to see some more of my steps occasionally! 🙂

  3. Haydon Ryan says:

    Speaking of pencils. By using regular pencils, it is actually worse for the environment than using a mechanical pencil that just uses leds. – for two main reasons.

    Regular pencils, once they reach a certain length become useless as they are too short (so only about 50% of the pencil can be used).

    secondly, once a mechanical pencil has been bought, you are only replacing the actual thing used to write with, not the wood surrounds (and any laquor, ink etc that is coated in) 🙂

    of course the problem is there are no mechanical colour pencils as far as i am aware.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • KayBear says:

      Im sorry haydon Ryan, but this is totally untrue. Mechanical pencils are much worse for the environment, mainly because they are made out of petrol-plastic and therefore not biodegradable. So, when you loose it (which is more than likely to happen) or when the mechanics of it wear out (which it eventually will), the pencil will sit in a landfill for the reast of eternity. on top of that, the little leds are always packaged in useless, non-recyclable, petrol-plastic containers – again, more waste!
      classic pencils are almost entirely biodegradable. and now you can find some brands making them out of recycled paper and/or wood. On top of that, the production process is much simpler.

      and once again, SIMPLE = SUSTAINABLE

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