Cold feet, warm heart (Day 2)…

Heating Pad

At least that’s what my mum always told me, and what her mum told her. But the consolation of having a warm heart — especially when it’s figurative — doesn’t count for much when you’re trying to fall asleep and be all cozy-like while your feet are practically refridgerating the entire bed.

Until now, I’ve solved this problem with an electric heating pad, which I set on ‘medium’ and tuck under the sheets near the bottom of my bed, then I just plonk my feet on top (admittedly, now that I write it out loud, this sounds elaborately stupid).

Of course, doing this sucks up at least eight hours of electricity — not to mention breaks numerous fire codes in my building — so I’m pulling the plug, recklessly strangling the heating pad (see above) and throwing it into storage without even saying goodbye.

My back-up plan: pour bags upon bags of kitty treats between my feet, and hope my cold-hearted cat keeps me warm.


11 Responses to Cold feet, warm heart (Day 2)…

  1. Or of course you could try a hot water bottle no? And then in the summer can fill it with cold water to keep cool. But I’m not a cat person so maybe the cat thing will work for you…

  2. patty t says:

    welcome to the party! i love the layout. crisp

  3. pat farquharson says:

    I was going to also suggest the hot water bottle- thats what we had as kids. Very cosy and cuddly and you could use the water in the morning to brush your teeth!!!!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Ew, brush my teeth with hot-water-bottle water?! Gross… I did think of using one of those, actually, but then I’d still be using energy by boiling water every night. Also, I’m not sure how I pour boiling water into the bottle without scalding myself. I’d heat it up in a microwave, but I don’t have one! Anyway, spring’s almost here, so I think I’ll just suck it up. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

  5. Sarah Pretty says:

    Dude, when I was a kid we just filled up hot water bottles with the hottest tap water we could find.

  6. Julia says:

    Do you wear socks to bed? That keeps my feet warm at night.

  7. pippa says:

    Or you could reuse your Nalgene as a bedheating device and fill that up with boiling/ hot tap water every night ? Using that water the next day isn’t as icky as a hot water bottle.

  8. Sarah says:

    This topic should be fairly timely again now!

    If you use a bottle, fill it up with hot tap water only, as freshly boiled water will eventually perish the rubber. Also, try and fill from the tap that gives hot water the fastest (in my case it’s the upstairs bathroom as it feeds directly from the boiler.) Otherwise you’ll be standing there for a couple of minutes watching a ton of water disappear down the plughole.

    Alternatively, you could use your electric heating pad but only for, say, half an hour before you go to bed to take the chill off and then wrap your toes in a warm pair of bedsocks for the night to keep up the heat

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  10. KFC says:

    I’m reading this from the beginning, so this is old….you can get heating pads filled with corn that you just put in the microwave for about 2 1/2 minutes. I LOVE mine. Look up “corn heating pads” and you’ll likely find what you need.

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