I bemoan styrofoam (Day 3)…



Check out this photo from dotpolka on Flickr (above) — I wouldn’t be surprised if you opened up the container and found an evil “Mwahahaha!” on the inside, because really, as we all learned in grade school, CFCs do not make for a nice day at all.

The creepiest thing is when you get halfway through your General Tso chicken and realize the hot oil has almost burned its way through to the kitchen table itself — which obviously says something bad, either about the food you just ate or the chemicals that just made their way into the food you just ate. Either way: sickatating!

So as you might have guessed: For my third greenifying move, I’m giving up styrofoam. If you read the “About this blog” column on the right-hand side here, you’ll notice that I started this whole challenge after attending an anti-styrofoam party at the Gladstone hotel in Toronto. Well, I’ll admit, it got me excited (and it wasn’t just all the eco-cuties pedalling stationary energy bikes to light up the room, either. Although, I won’t lie: that helped … immensely).

The folks hosting it were from Get It To Go Green, who are trying to convince local restaurants to switch to NaturoPacks, which are made out of corn, sugar cane and potatoes. They look identical to styrofoam and can carry just as much weight and heat, but decompose quickly and completely. Cities like San Francisco — home of the best damn Chinese food EVER, by the way — have already jumped on board, so there’s no reason the 416 can’t follow suit.

The hardest part will be when I get a craving for Gandhi‘s butter chicken roti or a Dragon Roll C at Sushi Inn or a Green Goddess salad at Fresh, all of which come in styrofoam (or sometimes foil) packaging. I guess this means I’ll have to come prepared with a tote bag and Tupperware, and check my embarrassment at the door.

12 Responses to I bemoan styrofoam (Day 3)…

  1. I think what your doing is inspiring! Keep it up! there are also biodegradable plastic water bottles you can buy. So many solutions and so much time to implement them! hooray! You rock!

  2. danielle says:


    i like this idea, best of luck.

    question: have you switch to a diva cup or keeper? i did this for the ‘green’ reasons; the piles of pad or tampon wrappers, let alone the pads and tampons themselves, were getting to me. once you get over the initial ick factor, those little cups are awesome. and economical. and awesome.

    i may be preaching to the converted, but i thought it worth mentioning.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Hey Danielle,

    Funny you should mention it — I’ve ordered a Diva Cup and I’m just waiting to give it a whirl. It’ll most likely get a post within a couple weeks 🙂 My friend over at thehealthycookie.com just got hooked on it and convinced me to invest in one. Thanks!

  4. JKelly says:

    Sickatating! I miss you, VF…

  5. pat farquharson says:

    Tampons and pads are NOT a luxury (says the lady with stress incontinence!)
    I want to see you in the public washroom washing out your Dixie cup!
    love M

  6. gettinggreen says:

    It’s not a Dixie Cup, it’s a Diva Cup (there’s also the Moon Cup in the UK)… and I wouldn’t have to wash it out in public because you can leave it in for up to 12 hours. Anyway, I’m less concerned about landfill waste than I am with having bleached cotton up where baby-making happens!

  7. carissa says:

    if you want to supplement the diva cup, try lunapads.com (they’re made in Canada)

  8. Anne says:

    NEVER be embarrassed to be doing something good for the environment, Vanessa. I rarely eat at any place that uses styrofoam but would be PROUD to bring my own tupperware if I was going to. An example to the staff and patrons! You go, girl.

  9. Susan says:

    Hmmm … that gave me a thought. Having some handy tupperware for the restaurant leftovers (always have some when I’m eating out w/kids). No more styrofoam “doggy bags”.

    Tks for the idea!

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  11. When are these “anti-styrofoam” parties? The company I work with uses TONS of styrofoam in the manufacturing of their products, and I’m always interested in hearing ideas on alternatives and recycling.

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