If it’s good enough for Will Ferrell’s bicuspids (Day 4)…


… it’s good enough for mine — no matter how crooked and unflossed they may be. Turns out Recycline‘s eco-friendly Preserve toothbrush, made from recycled Stonyfield organic yogurt cups, had a starring role in the recent film Stranger Than Fiction. (It was in the scene where Ferrell’s character first hears a narrator’s voice, which makes a disparaging remark about his obsessive-compulsive ablutions.)

My friend Sarah Pretty (yes, she is actually pretty) emailed me about this product the other day: “I bought the best toothbrush ever,” she wrote, and went on to say it was “awesome, totally aside from recycledness.”

So while I was out shopping with my mum yesterday, I made her come with me to Whole Foods to pick one up. As I unwrapped it, I noticed some factoids on the packaging, which reveal that this dental do-gooder actually goes beyond the yogurt cups:

  • The Preserve’s handle is made from the highest quality post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled plastics.
  • Join the cycle: Return the Preserve toothbrush to Recycline, where we will grind it to make material for recycled plastic lumber. Our postage-paid return envelope assures recycling and makes it easy.
  • Efficient packaging eliminates unnecessary waste. All of our packaging is made from recyclable materials, and the reusable brush canister provides a sanitary holder to keep your brush clean and portable.

Wowee. I’ll bet this toothbrush even plants trees in its spare time and makes regular anonymous donations to Save the Rainforest. Either way, as Bucky Beaver would say, it makes me want brusha, brusha, brusha!

11 Responses to If it’s good enough for Will Ferrell’s bicuspids (Day 4)…

  1. Stinky-breath-turtle-neck-guy from last night could have used one of these….

  2. ggwfung says:

    what a great idea! looks cool tool. Anything to help reuse resources.


  3. pat farquharson says:

    Mmm, very cheap shopping trip!
    Must do that again
    love M

  4. Sarah Pretty says:

    Honestly guys this is the best brush on the market. The fact that is recycled is just an added bonus. You are going to be able to reach molars you never thought possible. Changed my life. And it comes in way nicer colours than the one Vanessa bought. Mine is pretty blue. The very bestest thing is that is comes in both soft and extra soft.

  5. greenchick says:

    Where is the best place to purchase one of these brushes? (and by that I mean cheapest). I am all about going green, while holding on to a little green.

    Thanks for the great info!

  6. site says:


    i agree

  7. Blackerby says:

    The best article I’ve read on the very first day of the year. Thanks 🙂

    Happy new year

  8. sikor9845 says:

    thanks.good article

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