A Nalgenius solution (Day 6)…


Now, I know there’s been all this talk about certain polycarbonate plastic water bottles leaking estrogen-esque hormones and serving as breeding grounds for nasty bacteria, and yes, stainless steel and glass containers are probably better, but for whatever reason, I’ve always had a soft spot for Nalgene.

Maybe it’s because I fancy myself an outdoorsy type at heart, and have fond summer memories of whipping my hair into perfectly symmetrical braids, paddling a dilapidated canoe out on Big Hawk Lake and working on my Teva tan as I sipped from a classic 16 oz Loop Top. Or maybe it’s because when I was a lifeguard, my co-worker — who I had a bit of a girl-crush on — insisted that Nalgene was the be all and end all of water bottles (whatever that means).

Either way, in terms of being eco-friendly, it’s better to tote around one of these all day instead of buying those flimsy wee bottles of spring water at the local convenience store and then tossing them out. Not only does it save waste, it also lowers the demand for water that’s shipped via polluting air and truck all the way to Canada from the Alps.

Taste-wise, Toronto’s finest isn’t always so palatable, but I find that a Brita filter, or even just a stint in the refrigerator, does the trick. So from now on, I’m not buying any bottled water — I’m bottling my own. At restaurants, I’m asking for tap. And for those who want to follow suit but are already having nightmares about whacked-out hormonal rages and polycarbonate babies, try Nalgene’s HDPE bottle (or any stainless steel thermos).

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  1. Mary C says:

    Hi Vanessa
    First blog I’ve ever been on.
    Are you going to eliminate plastic bags & start carrying one of those Mexican straw bags everwhere?
    love that toothbrush & am going to buy one.
    keep it up

  2. gettinggreen says:

    Thanks Mary! I’m loving my Preserve toothbrush — you can get one a Whole Foods. I’m getting ready to eliminate plastic bags from my lifestyle… just trying to find some pretty-enough tote bags to replace them.

  3. I really hope I read that wrong and you did not just mention a sport-sandle induced tan ine. Eco is good. Eco-hottie’s are awesome. Sports Sandals…. no excuse.

  4. Sarah K says:

    Yay! I love Nalgene. I use mine all the time, and if I don’t have it, I drink tap water, so I can say checkmark for this enviro issue!!

  5. Stacy6 says:

    Try a little dash of lemon juice in your water – it’s really good for you and it improves the taste of the water. Of course, if you don’t like lemon…try lime juice! 😉

  6. Dan says:

    I think that bottled water is the biggest scam, but I read this and thought it might spark an interest. I’m not trying to preach veganism, because I am not. I try to consume/purchase cage-free eggs as the only animal product but I won’t give up a free meal. I like your approach on making your life greener. hope this is useful

  7. Dan says:

    sorry this is the right link. the previous link would be nalgene’s rebuttal to animal cruelty criticism.

  8. Ned Flanders says:

    Ok, so now we are going to use billions of gallons of water to clean our water bottles or someone will tell you to use vinegar or baking soda to clean them as well or go buy a steam sterilizer. When is this going to stop?? Lets just bring back water fountains on every street corner and near every public restroom and not the kind that actually chills the water.

  9. Pics Canada says:

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