Funky chicken doorstop!

Yes, you could always get that door fixed… OR, you could get yourself a funky chicken doorstop! (If you live in England, that is — otherwise, that’s rather a lot of airplane fuel and packaging for a single wonky door, no?) Each one is made from reclaimed vintage fabric and comes flat-packed, so you just undo the zipper, pour in your favourite organic, locally grown rice and throw ’em down.

The folks at refab also offer psychedelic snake draught excluders (a fancy British way of saying cold-stopper), in case you can’t be bothered to properly insulate your house, either; they’re pre-filled with buckwheat husks.

3 Responses to Funky chicken doorstop!

  1. Lori V. says:

    My husband wants one of these funky chickens in every pattern! LOL!

  2. pat farquharson says:

    A couple of buttons, some felt and crazy fabric and you can make these yourselves. Then no worries about where they come from!
    I like the fact that they are kickable.

  3. Bake and Sew says:

    I have a pattern/tutorial on my blog if you fancy making one yourself – they ae cute aren’t they?

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