It’s not like Kleenex grows on trees (Day 20)…

hankie tree

Oh wait, it kind of does — the photo above is actually of a handkerchief tree (maybe it’s allergic to itself?)

Either way, I’ve decided that Kleenex, Puffs and other such disposable tissues blow. Granny had it right all along: Hankies are where it’s at (or, in my case, “hankettes” — made out of organic cotton).

So as of today, I’m kickin’ it old school and carrying one of these around in my purse. It’ll even have its own little pocket to prevent any all-night germ parties from spilling out onto my lipgloss and cell phone. I figure, as long as I keep them simple and stylish — instead of those sissy crocheted ones — and don’t attempt to blow other people’s noses with them, I should be able to maintain some vague semblance of a social life.

(Photo courtesy of samsheep on Flickr)

11 Responses to It’s not like Kleenex grows on trees (Day 20)…

  1. pat farquharson says:

    I had hankies (snot rags) when I was little and used to search for parts that weren’t hard or yellow or gooey. This is a very brave move and I wont be joining you. Buy some bleach. Oh no, I guess that is not environmentally friendly. Oh well, hope the allergies improve.

  2. Sarah Pretty says:

    Wow Vanessa, I am impressed. This is a luxury I have never been able to kick. I find solace in being able to put my grotty Kleenex in the green bin only. I am in awe.

  3. stephen says:

    i admire your dedication. with the amount of material that comes out of my nose, i’d need quite a few hankies to get thru the day. let us know how it works out for you – especially in cold season! good luck.

  4. gettinggreen says:

    Ew, snot rags? That sounds gross… I like “hankettes” better! I used mine this morning for the first time when I was walking to a press conference — it’s -18C here — and after finally stepping inside a warm room I desperately needed it. I was quite happy with it, though (obviously, ’cause it was the first time and didn’t need washing yet or anything). It was nice and soft and, coupled with the fact that I refused the food and coffee being served on styrofoam, made me feel all the more green.

  5. Anna says:

    Hey Vanessa,
    Finally commenting after checking out your blog a few times….a kindred green-spirit! Great site. Would love to chat reusables sometime……check out what the Ditty Bops are doing on the plastic bag front:

    I also admire your dedication w/ your cloth “hankettes” undertaking….I’m looking at my little kleenex collection with a twinge of guilt as I recover from a nasty little cold. I’ll give this one a try!

  6. Jill says:

    I think it is great that you are using cloth hankies! I’ve been using them for almost a year…I swear they are better than the standard paper tissues (my nose doesn’t get as red and sore since the switch.) People used to stare at me on the train..but some people commmented on how cute my hankies are….I made them myself out of a “Liberty” type print.

  7. gmpicket says:

    I just ordered a bunch. We’ll see how this goes.

  8. Ah, but then they must be washed, and that takes water, soap and unless one washes by hand, electricity. The more you blow, the more you have to wash them. I grew up in an immigrant neighborhood and the old folks just honked it into the gutter, usually through the nose. How’s that for green?

  9. Darren says:

    Awesome, congratulations on making the switch. Re-usable hankies are the best. No longer will you have a ball of mash(used tissue – come on, you all know you use them more than once when you have nothing else) in your pocket in the winter. Your nose will thank you and it will no longer be red and irritated after a day of blowing if you get a cold. Plus, the trees of the world will love you for it.

  10. I have to say, I can not agree with you in 100%, but that’s just my IMHO, which indeed could be wrong.
    p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where did you find it?

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