Any green dentists out there?

I’m running out of toothpaste and thinking about switching to a natural brand, like Tom’s of Maine, Jason or Kiss My Face, but I’m wondering what the deal is with fluoride? Some brands advertise proudly that they have it, others that they don’t. It seems certain levels of it are good for you, but too much is a bad thing. Also, I’m currently using Sensodyne, and am wondering whether more or less fluoride would affect my sensitive molars? Anyone able to comment?

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  1. carissa says:

    My molars are sensitive to cold and pressure, down near the gumline, and using flouride (the straight flouride gel that you leave on for a minute, don’t eat/drink anything for 30 minutes after) has helped.

  2. Lori V. says:

    Vanessa, I think fluoride is a necessary evil for those of us with sensitive teeth and/or gum disease. I’d look for a natural brand that still has fluoride but not all the carcinogens…

  3. Sara says:

    I just switched to Tom’s of Maine spearmint gel with fluoride. Yes, too much fluoride is a bad thing, but that would only come from consuming massive quantities; not from using the pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your brush daily + whatever amount is in your tap water. My parents grew up before the days of fluoride and always tell me how lucky kids are today to have the benefit of fluoride – and much much healthier teeth.

    The brouhaha over fluoride is, IMHO, akin to fear of electromagnetic waves (i.e. unsubstantiated).

  4. Morgan says:

    Hey Vanessa….

    You should try Green Beaver brand toothpaste. It is really good stuff! I didn’t even pay attention if it had fluoride or not. My fiance has super sensitive teeth and she was able to use it with no problems (Which might tell me there is fluoride in it).

    The texture is totally different from normal tooth, but I feel thats because of the lack nasty chemicals!


  5. stephen says:

    i think tom’s makes a sensitive-tooth formula. i’ve been using tom’s for years, and get good checkups (no cavities, mom!)

  6. Shawn says:

    I don’t think I could put green beaver in my mouth.

    I wanted to chime in that toms of maine, with the magically delicious fluoride works nicely for me also. They’ve been making toothpaste for quite some time now too.

  7. Morgan says:

    Give it a try! Green Beaver…They also have a bunch of other products too…

    ..Sorry, no fluoride in Green Beaver toothpaste…

  8. gettinggreen says:

    Hmm… I’m temped to try Green Beaver because they’re Canadian — Ontarian at that! — and closer to me than Maine (although not by thaaat much). I think I’d rather go with the fluoride, but maybe I should just try without first and see if my dentist notices, and whether my teeth seem to get better or worse if I bite into ice cream… Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

  9. Morgan says:

    Hey Vanessa…if you do try the Green Beaver with no fluoride, can you let us know how it works out? I’d be curious to know what effects not getting the fluoride were seen!

    Cheers dude…

  10. gettinggreen says:

    Sure thing, Morgan! I’d buy a whole bunch and do a proper test of all of them, but that would just be a waste of product/packaging…

  11. Sarah Pretty says:

    I am into the Green Beaver one. I have seen no ill effects of not using fluoride but I also floss like a fiend. Green Beaver has the advantage of being made in Ontario, Hawkesbury to be precise.

    You might be interested in my green floss it comes in a cardboard thingy instead of plastic. I buy it at Karma, but I think Noah’s has it too.

  12. Morgan says:

    Groovy….I had no idea you could get enviro-friendly floss! I’m dig’n that for sure!

  13. Hank says:

    Fluoride is a toxin. If you don’t believe me try dumping it into the ground and see if you don’t get arrested or fined (at least here in most of the USA) It is by-product of aluminum processing and other industrial manufacturing. The aluminum folks have no legal way to dispose of it. So long ago they arrived at an agreement with the dental industry to disperse of it via toothpastes ,etc. So now you get to expose yourself to who knows what kind of heath risks by having it in your tooth pastes/powders. It is toxic as in poisonous. That’s why you are cautioned not to allow your children to swallow it. Their immune systems are not fully developed yet and so the fluoride can cause them more injury. We adults have fully developed immune systems, so we are allegedly more able to withstand its risks. In my book, if it’s harmful to my children, why should I risk it’s us. How do the aluminum/dental folks get away with it. It was grandfathered into our cosmetics/health protocals about 50 or more years ago. So now it is do powerfully lodged into these industries, it is darn near impossible to be dislodged. It’s called big money politics and/or capitalism at its finest, and naturally your dentist will say it’s necessary, since he’s part of that industry. I have stayed away from it for years and if I were again to raise children it would be no where near them. The brushing action, dental floss, and teeth cleaning is the safer route. Just think, it’s things like fluoride and the other flood of modern chemicals that likely give us all of our Western diseases like cancer, etc. People in underdeveloped countries who don’t have fluoride, etc., don’t have all of our Western diseases. Good luck if you still persist in its use.

  14. GreenYogini says:

    I’ll tell you what – I was a Tom’s of Maine convert until I recently noticed it contains SLS (which the ingredients list says comes from coconut oil). Grrr! If it’s not one toxin, it’s another! Now I’m looking for another toothpaste, and I may have to check out this Green Beaver stuff.

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