Skinfully delicious (Day 21)…

Beautiful Soap & Co

You haven’t truly suffered dry, itchy skin until you’ve lived in Canada. No matter how high you crank the humidifier or how much water you drink, it can get to the point where it looks as though you just spent a week rolling around in a pile of salt, popping diuretics.

Some days, I wish I could immerse myself in a vat of petroleum. Even after repeatedly slathering myself with the equivalent of a stick of butter (Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Body Butter), topped with the equivalent of the periodic table (Gold Bond Medicated Body Lotion), my skin will still be parched.

Beautiful Soap & Co‘s oatmeal and almond moisturizing lotion, which is 100% all-natural — no alcohol, parabens, petroleum, etc. — hasn’t exactly given me J.Lo skin, but it’s nice and thick and smells delish. Yet another green product that leaves the chemicals, but not the results, behind.

So as of today, I’m sticking to all-natural body lotion.

Now if there was only some way to refill it so I wouldn’t have to toss the empty packaging when I’m done (because at this rate, that’ll be in about two days).

10 Responses to Skinfully delicious (Day 21)…

  1. Lori V. says:

    Let me know how you like this brand. I just bought some Kiss My Face Olive & Calendula. It’s yummy-smelling, but I’ve only used it for 2 days so I can’t attest to its efficacy yet.

  2. SarahH says:

    Some empty packaging’s recyclable, which is at least not nearly as bad as landfilling it 🙂

  3. gmpicket says:

    I kicked caffeine out of my life back in September, and I have had so much less trouble with dry skin this winter. My lotion consumption dropped by 2/3rds.

  4. Emma says:

    They should sell these things by the litre. but no worries, its summer soon!

  5. Jak says:

    You can always just move to warmer climates. I never used lotion and chapstick growing up in North Carolina, never had the need. Then I moved up to Philly 3 years ago and while its no Toronto, I dried out like a raisin. Since moving back down to NC a couple weeks ago I haven’t even thought about searching for where I packed my chapstick and lotion. Maybe not an easy solution, but I am very happy I no longer need to moisturize.

    On a less braggadocios note, have you found anything that rates the carbon footprint of certain products or companies. Green companies abound these days and it would be nice to figure out which ones are having the greatest impact.

  6. Just wanted to say officially, Vanessa, that you are a really funny writer. I’m jealous.

  7. Blacklight says:

    Maybe if you go to the factory they can give you a cheap refill!

  8. Tara says:

    Suggestion: Use olive oil. Get the bottle from your kitchen and rub it in after your next shower. I live in Virginia – about 3hrs above North Carolina – and am used to applying moisturizer at least daily. Since I’ve started using the olive oil it is MUCH better. In the summer I can skip the moisturizer (Yay!) and in the winter I no longer have to apply it 4x a day.

    Sorry I’m posting so late after the fact here, but I just found the blog today….

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