Should the word ‘virtuous’ really be allowed on an aerosol can? (Day 22)…


And I love that right below the word virtuous are two ‘flammable’ and ‘explosive’ symbols. Granted, you can now recycle most aerosol cans and none of them will emit the CFCs they did back in the chlorofluorockin’ 70s and 80s (props to the Montreal Protocol of 1987). But something tells me it’s just not a good idea to store the oil I use to cook my food in a container that says DANGER (capitals theirs).

There aren’t many aerosol cans in my apartment — the only other two I could find were an old can of shaving cream and a carpet deodorizer. But I think it’s for the best if I ditch them and make do for the next 343 days without this form of packaging, no?

If I’m wrong on this (I won’t lie, there’s been a lot of self-doubt going on after that microwave post), do let me know. Otherwise, bring on the razor burn and uneven distribution of oil in my frying pans!

10 Responses to Should the word ‘virtuous’ really be allowed on an aerosol can? (Day 22)…

  1. Lori V. says:

    Vanessa, I think you can only recycle aerosol cans if they are empty. Otherwise, you have to pitch them in the landfill. So my vote is NOT to get rid of them, simply to use the remainder, recycle the cans, and don’t replace them!

  2. David says:

    Long ago, the thought of aerosols just turned me off. And there was something, oh, endearing (?) about the ‘olde time’ mug shave … so, I stopped using the aerosol (and other over packaged, highly synthetic) shaving creams back in my high school days of the 80s. Mug shave with the little ‘pucks’ of soap work well. The pucks aren’t sold in all pharmacies, so you’ve got to look around for ’em.

    I’m referring to guys, here. Though, women, if you want to try … go for it.


  3. I’d like to recommend the Alba brand Mago Vanilla Cream Shave (yes- they put the word cream first). Comes in a recyclable tube. I use it from my legs and what not and it is good enough for my brother to use on his face… And it smells delicious

  4. Lloyd Alter says:

    you cannot recycle aerosol cans because there may be residual propellant in them and they are a danger to the handlers. Furthermore the propellant is usually propane now, which is a greenhouse gas, and the carbon footprint of making that can, valve and other crap on a disposable item for a couple of oz of canola oil makes it just about the least virtuous forms of packaging on the planet. There is a non-aerosol substitute for every one of these products, and they all cost half or a quarter as much as the can. (I use kiss my face shaving cream from the health food store and one bottle will last six months, and it works better!)

    And really, we forgive you for the microwave.

  5. Vanessa says:

    Well, normally I’d use the remainder of product in the aerosol can before tossing it, but this carpet deodorizer thing is actually really toxic-smelling and I don’t want to continue using it. The shaving cream canister is practically finished anyway (thanks for the reco, Meg!), as is the cooking oil, so I think I just want to get all three out of my house. Maybe recycling laws differ for them in Canada versus the U.S. though? I think I might have to go with Lloyd on this one, Lori (if only because he’s my neighbour … that’s neighbour with a ‘u’ of course!) and put them in the garbage.

  6. Lori V. says:

    No offense taken, Vanessa. And the laws must be different, because here, you can most definitely recycle aerosol cans after they are completely empty (no more hiss when you push the button). There are contained units that puncture the aerosol cans & remove any remaining liquids from them, as well as more sophisticated ones that are completely automated & actually crush them. If you want to look further into the process just for the sake of knowledge, try this site:

  7. Lori V. says:

    P.S. If I came across as an advocate of the aerosol, I’m NOT, by any means. Just trying to help dispose of the existing ones. 🙂

  8. Lloyd Alter says:

    UPDATE: I was wrong. Aerosols can go in the recycling bin in Toronto. This is why I rarely leave comments!

    Click to access info.pdf

  9. pat farquharson says:

    You can buy spray containers for oil at kitchen supply stores that you pump and I would think that is a cheaper way of doing things.

  10. Morgan says:

    Pat is right…we’ve purchased a stainless steel pump for our kitchen oils…Sump in the oil give it a few pumps and you can spray away!

    There was a great online shave store that I used to get stuff from…I’ll try and find it again and post it…you can get some amazing razors (change the blade, not the whole razor) and great cream products…

    I’ll go hunt it down!


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