And I’m free… freecycling (Day 24)…


I just joined the Freecycle Network and this morning gave away some lotions and potions I wasn’t using to a lovely gentleman who happened to live nearby. He needed a gift for his wife, as it’s her birthday today, and wanted to go beyond the breakfast-in-bed thing.

It took no time to sign up, then all I did was post what I was offering, wait a few hours, and there it was: an e-mail in my inbox asking when it could be picked up. He called to arrange a time and place, we met, shook hands, made the exchange and that was it.

As they point out, for the system to work, it can’t just be approached as a way to get free crap. Instead, it should be looked at as “a place to give or receive what you have and don’t need, or what you need and don’t have — a free cycle of giving, which keeps stuff out of landfills.”

Of course I’ll still drop off clothes and other things at Goodwill every now and then, but Freecycle is a great alternative for stuff that falls somewhere between thrift stores and Craigslist.

5 Responses to And I’m free… freecycling (Day 24)…

  1. pat farquharson says:

    what a great idea. thanks.

  2. David says:

    Regarding my comment yesterday … it was a not-so-subtle dig at other newspaper publishers. There are several that qualify (is that an appropriate word in this case?). Although, perhaps I should re-examine your current employers offerings.

    Thanks for the update about FreeCycle. I’d forgotten about it.

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