Raising the roof question

If you only have one roof, do you go for the green one, the rainwater harvesting one or the solar panelled one? An eco-savvy friend of mine insisted you could do all three at once — you can work it so that the green roof also channels rainwater down into a reserve, and solar panels can go along the sides, or they don’t even have to be on the roof to begin with. Perhaps you could even throw up some wind turbines while you’re at it. But maybe it comes down to cost, or practicality, or maybe a peaked roof is more conducive to certain options than a flat one, and vice versa. Anyone got an opinion on which roof wins the green prize?

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  1. David says:

    The green roof, I say, is the way to go (finances permitting). Doing so creates ‘green space’ (I know … duh) for carbon offsetting right at home, as well as habitat; possible food growing; reduces the ‘heat island’ effect of cities; and develops usable liveable space (if done well) … all the while absorbing rain water.

    As well, a green roof doesn’t preclude any solar panels or rain water collection. Any excess rain water can still be collected since the design of the roof requires provision of water management.

  2. Morgan says:

    I’m a little torn…I live in one of the sunniest places in Canada (Not to mention a lot of wind, it’s currently blowing 30 – 40 kph). For my roof, this summer I plan on installing eight 64 watt solar panels…Last summer I ran all the electrical stuff in my back yard off of two deep cycle 6 volt batteries (including my cordless electric lawnmower) that I kept charged up with three 10 watt panels.

    The peaks of our roof are far too steep to make green space, so for us, it’s a combination of PV panels, turbines and solar collectors for water heating…

    We already collect rain water, and we’re also installing a gray water system that we’ll use to flush toilets and water plants with during dry spells. I’m pretty excited about the gray water system.

    In the future I plan on building a smaller cottage type retirement house. This will be built using reclaimed material for the Post and Beam structure, straw bales for the infill, and one slope to the roof that will accommodate all of my panels and allow for green space (probably our garden).

    I think the roof type depends on your location, your needs, city bylaws (perhaps you can work to establish code) and probably depends on your wallet size too!

    Sorry for the long post…I’m excited about my panels though:)

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