Unplugged (Day 28)…


Until now, I’ve been amongst the anxiously prepared (or pathetically lazy, depending on interpretation) who like to keep the computer on sleep mode, the cell phone charger lodged in the wall socket and the hair-straightening iron left on standby — because as every girl knows, you never know when a hair emergency will strike. Seriously, my stylist actually has a separate phone number for such occasions … but that’s another story.

However this changes as of today when I not only turn off, but unplug whatever’s not in use — the only exception will be my computer, which I’m convinced dies a little every time it’s unplugged, and my VCR, because it’s near impossible to reach the socket without hauling three bookshelves out of the way, and I use it frequently to watch screeners for work.

Everything else, though — my phone and battery charger, stereo and speakers, modem, humidifier, hair dryer and straightening iron, bedside and desk lamps, kettle, electric grill and toaster — is all getting unplugged, until I need to use them.

So far the acoustic lifestyle is working out just fine, although it’s only been a day, and I have yet to encounter a sudden need for flat hair, toast and loud music all at once.

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10 Responses to Unplugged (Day 28)…

  1. Morgan says:

    Good for you dude…remember to pick up some switches or power bars so that you can turn off other powered items that your not using…radios, etc…things that tend to stay plugged in but aren’t turned on…the phantom power draw can be quite a lot on some electronics. But, power bars, and switches take care of that!


  2. Lori V. says:

    Okay, someone explain this phantom thats power loading in my house! And, if I get my energy from 100% renewable energy, does it matter? Enlighten me!

  3. Morgan says:

    Phantom power is all over the place. Manufacturers have realized that people are super lazy…that’s why the dudes gave us remote controls for things like our tvs, and more recently, lights, ceiling fans, radios, and even coffee makers! Electronics that are plugged in but aren’t turned on that use remote controls are in fact sitting their, half drooling all over themselves as they bask in the warmth of the energy that they consume while you think they are off! They use power (sometimes up to 40% of their entire consumption) just sitting in the off state so that the remote can turn them, to keep internal batteries charged, to keep clocks running, to stop internal memory from being wiped out (This is why some tvs have to be reprogrammed after the power goes off).

    Tree Hugger does a way better job of explaining this…if you do a search on tree hugger they will list some products that will make it a little more convenient to get rid of these power wasters….usually done by installing little switches on the sockets!


  4. Morgan says:

    Forgot to answer one of your questions….does it matter? Yes, we shouldn’t be using energy that we don’t know we’re using! It’s wasteful…no matter what the source!


  5. stephen says:

    i understand about unplugging electronics, but what is the point in unplugging lamps, toasters, and such? do they eat phantom power too? someone should invent a power strip with a remote on/off switch, so we could plug electronics into it, and, in essence, unplug them all without having to crawl around on the floor.

  6. Morgan says:

    Stephen…I think they’re available…try doing some searching around online.

  7. gettinggreen says:

    Stephen makes a good point about little things like the toaster and the kettle and desk lamps — it seems, at least according to this site: http://michaelbluejay.com/electricity/transformers.html that they don’t use any electricity or phantom power when plugged in. What does is anything that has a time display, like an office phone, the clock on an oven or microwave, VCRs and TVs, etc. So I can probably plug my toaster back in and be fine, but I’ll definitely unplug my phone with the time display, my stereo stuff, cell phone charger and any “wall warts” as TreeHugger calls them.

  8. Morgan says:

    A good indicator of what needs to be kept unplugged is if it plugs in to the wall using a power adapter. Those big black and gray boxes that tend to make it impossible to plug anything else in…or as Vanessa said, if it has a clock, timer, stored memory settings or uses a remote…

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