Green Recap: March

A lot of the green changes I make as part of Green as a Thistle are written about the day I make them, which means I have yet to accurately conclude how practical they really are. So at the end of every month, I’ll post a little summary of how my life has changed — either for better or worse, for easy or downright impossible — in case any faithful readers are wondering how that eco-toothpaste was working out, whether I’m struggling with the no-styrofoam thing, etc.

So, March: This was my first month, and what better time to start cleaning up my act than Spring? I’m feeling pretty good right now, but there’s a lot of anxiety building about whether these changes are going to come back to haunt me next Winter, like running outside only, keeping my thermostat down and just eating food within Canada and the U.S. (even now I still can’t get lemons).

Product switches have all been easy-peasy. Even the Seventh Generation dishwashing powder that I complained about seems to be working better, as long as I pour a little extra in. I’ve only screwed up once so far, when I bought berries that I thought were from California but it turned out they were from Chile. I almost caved when offered a styrofoam cup of hot green tea on a rainy day, but resisted and felt better afterwards when I got home and made one myself.

As of yet, I don’t look or feel like a full-fledged eco-warrier (except for maybe when I pull out my collapsible tote bag at check-out counters and ask them to hold the receipt). Since being profiled on TreeHugger, I now get a steady readership of about 500 people a day, which I’m hoping will only go up. So with that, onwards and greenwards into April!


5 Responses to Green Recap: March

  1. carissa says:

    Can cashiers not print the receipt, or do they just not give it to you? Because if it’s already printed, you might want to consider taking it home and recycling it (they probably just throw it away).

  2. David says:

    Why drink out of styrofoam anyway? Honestly? Would you (anyone) drink wine out of styrofoam? Well, other fine beverages deserve the same honour of a proper vessel. No?

    Hey, I even take along decent crystal wine glasses for impromptu excursions to The Bluffs (or other parks) … why not?

    Hot beverages … a traveling mug beats paper cups and styrofoam every time. If you want a drink while ‘out and about’ why not sit down and relax while drinking out of a real mug.

    Slow down and enjoy life … savour whatever it is your drinking … and, drink in the experience.

    Speaking of slowing down: check out the ‘Slow Movement’/’Slow Food’ books, websites.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Yeah, it was really weird actually. It was at this spa, which you’d think would be all into nature and healthiness and everything; yet they serve their green tea in styrofoam cups. And it’s not like anyone would take a cup “to go” because it’s just for when you’re sitting in the waiting area. Some people just don’t get it.

  4. David says:

    That is very weird indeed.

    Some people are just totally out of touch. Like asking for a plastic bag at the grocery checkout … for only a single item, no less. In some cases, like the three bags of milk that are bagged together – and people need that in a bag for heaven’s sake. What the he** is wrong with people.

    Is it time to start making comments to people at the store? I must say that I’ve come across a few cashiers that don’t like giving out excessive bags … which is encouraging. I think it’s time for fellow shoppers to kindly, courteously mention the folly of their ways.

    Any thoughts on what to say? Anyone?

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