I’m parched just thinking about this (Day 31)…

humidifierBut it’s time. I’m unplugging my humidifier and putting it away until Day 366 — thus saving electricity and water (granted, not a lot of either, but it’s something). Yet again, it’s a move that will be easy enough now but surely kill me come January ’08 when Canadian Winter descends once more. Maybe global warming will make it a mild one, at least … my bone-dry fingers are crossed!


5 Responses to I’m parched just thinking about this (Day 31)…

  1. JP says:

    I’ve seen sites that say adding a humidifier can actually save energy because it makes your house feel warmer in the winter (here’s one: http://www.homerenovationguide.com/pages/ten.htm – about halfway down) but you’re probably right to turn it off in the summertime.

  2. Catarina says:

    I only started reading your book yesterday so I don’t know if you found a solution for humidity. I would suggest that instead of drying your clothes in the dryer try puting them on top of your heater and let them dry naturaly. You humidify your house and save energy because dryers waste a lot of energy. Lots! In the summer there’s no reason to use the dryer.

  3. Hiter says:

    is this an official wordpress theme? your blog looks great!

  4. Dani says:

    insted of using a humidifier you could just put a small bowl of water on top of your heater in the room. But when you dry your clothes inside (how JP wrote)and you have enough plants, it is not necessary to bring extra humidity in your room.

  5. KayBear says:

    Growing lots of indoor plants has many advantages. 1) purifies air minimizing indoor air pollution 2) for the obvious reasons of growing a plant 3) plants tend to lower stress levels and 3) they help maintain indoor humidity levels!!

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