Should the word ‘virtuous’ really be allowed on an aerosol can? (Day 22)…

March 22, 2007


And I love that right below the word virtuous are two ‘flammable’ and ‘explosive’ symbols. Granted, you can now recycle most aerosol cans and none of them will emit the CFCs they did back in the chlorofluorockin’ 70s and 80s (props to the Montreal Protocol of 1987). But something tells me it’s just not a good idea to store the oil I use to cook my food in a container that says DANGER (capitals theirs).

There aren’t many aerosol cans in my apartment — the only other two I could find were an old can of shaving cream and a carpet deodorizer. But I think it’s for the best if I ditch them and make do for the next 343 days without this form of packaging, no?

If I’m wrong on this (I won’t lie, there’s been a lot of self-doubt going on after that microwave post), do let me know. Otherwise, bring on the razor burn and uneven distribution of oil in my frying pans!

When urine the shower

March 21, 2007

The resident green-advice columnist over at Grist has a very funny post today about whether or not urinating in the shower conserves more water than if it’s done in a toilet and flushed away. Something tells me No Impact Man (aka No Toilet Paper Man) has already bookmarked it. I especially like the part where the writer says he needs to clarify whether the shower peeing is a stand-alone activity, or whether it’s part of a multi-tasking, lathering-plus-peeing procedure.

An amendment to the tote bag post

March 21, 2007

Just thought I’d let everyone know: Although I said in my tote bag post that impulse purchases don’t count, I actually have no excuse whatsoever now because I’ve bought a collapsible nylon tote bag that fits right in my purse. So I’m officially done with plastic bags! (Hey, EnviroWoman — do I get a gold sticker? Please?)

Skinfully delicious (Day 21)…

March 21, 2007

Beautiful Soap & Co

You haven’t truly suffered dry, itchy skin until you’ve lived in Canada. No matter how high you crank the humidifier or how much water you drink, it can get to the point where it looks as though you just spent a week rolling around in a pile of salt, popping diuretics.

Some days, I wish I could immerse myself in a vat of petroleum. Even after repeatedly slathering myself with the equivalent of a stick of butter (Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Body Butter), topped with the equivalent of the periodic table (Gold Bond Medicated Body Lotion), my skin will still be parched.

Beautiful Soap & Co‘s oatmeal and almond moisturizing lotion, which is 100% all-natural — no alcohol, parabens, petroleum, etc. — hasn’t exactly given me J.Lo skin, but it’s nice and thick and smells delish. Yet another green product that leaves the chemicals, but not the results, behind.

So as of today, I’m sticking to all-natural body lotion.

Now if there was only some way to refill it so I wouldn’t have to toss the empty packaging when I’m done (because at this rate, that’ll be in about two days).

Any green dentists out there?

March 21, 2007

I’m running out of toothpaste and thinking about switching to a natural brand, like Tom’s of Maine, Jason or Kiss My Face, but I’m wondering what the deal is with fluoride? Some brands advertise proudly that they have it, others that they don’t. It seems certain levels of it are good for you, but too much is a bad thing. Also, I’m currently using Sensodyne, and am wondering whether more or less fluoride would affect my sensitive molars? Anyone able to comment?

It’s not like Kleenex grows on trees (Day 20)…

March 20, 2007

hankie tree

Oh wait, it kind of does — the photo above is actually of a handkerchief tree (maybe it’s allergic to itself?)

Either way, I’ve decided that Kleenex, Puffs and other such disposable tissues blow. Granny had it right all along: Hankies are where it’s at (or, in my case, “hankettes” — made out of organic cotton).

So as of today, I’m kickin’ it old school and carrying one of these around in my purse. It’ll even have its own little pocket to prevent any all-night germ parties from spilling out onto my lipgloss and cell phone. I figure, as long as I keep them simple and stylish — instead of those sissy crocheted ones — and don’t attempt to blow other people’s noses with them, I should be able to maintain some vague semblance of a social life.

(Photo courtesy of samsheep on Flickr)

This is worse than failing Calculus

March 19, 2007

Of course I didn’t fail Calc in high school, I just didn’t get an A. But far worse than that is getting a poor grade on this Ecological Footprint Quiz, which doesn’t seem to care at all that I switched to recycled paper towel and corn-based kitty litter. It appears that by simply living on my ownsome and driving a car, I’m totally screwing things up. I can’t even tell you guys my score, it’s just too depressing. Anyone want to move in and give me piggyback rides to work?

Here, take the test, see if you can do any better. And feel free to comment below with how many planet Earths we’d need if everyone lived like you.