Newspaper packages tied up without string (Day 33)…

newspaperI’ve bought all my gifts for this upcoming baby shower, the only thing I have left to get is wrapping paper. But the more I fuss about looking for 100% recycled unbleached organic gift wrap, the more I think, forget it — the greenest way to go is no wrapping paper at all. But then again, nothing says, “Here, take this, I’m sick of holding on to it,” than a handful of unwrapped presents.

So my solution is to wrap everything (from now, right through birthdays and next Christmas) with whatever two-dimensional stuff I can find around the house. Most likely, this will consist of pages from the National Post — if the recipient is lucky, it’ll be the Arts & Life section, so he or she can at least read one of my brilliantly irreverent film reviews after opening it (and then recycle the paper, of course). Obviously, there’ll be no ribbons or bows, either … unless I make them from mismatched bits of leftover yarn or used dental floss.

Photo courtesy of Antony Hare, one of the Post’s fabu illustrators, on Flickr

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  1. tamino says:

    My wife found an interesting idea to save on wrapping paper: wrap gifts in cloth, together with a request to re-use the cloth, either for wrapping gifts, or whatever the recipient deems appropriate use.

  2. carissa says:

    Along the lines of what tamino said, there’s

  3. Shawn says:

    I found that if you start the habit of using gift bags they seem to circulate forever. I sometimes get the gift bags back 3 or 4 years later, but they’re still floating around out there. I bet someone sells high post consumer content gift bags.

    The newspaper wrapping makes me sad =( Not your newspaper specifically, I’ve never read it.

  4. David says:

    Used dental floss … heh heh heh. That’s great.

    The newspaper is an excellent way to go. You can have fun with it as well. If there’s an article or maybe a comic that is particularly relevent, then arranging it to be on the top/front would show care and forethought on your part, and, that goes far beyond the ‘enviro’ savings issue. Very personalized. Maybe worthwhile setting aside potential ‘clippings’ for the purpose; assembling a collection over the year for the Christmas and other gift-giving occasions. That’d be kinda fun.

    For gifts, I’ve been using cloth ‘gift’ bags – over and over. With the draw string closure.

    I like the ‘articled’ newspaper approach now that I think about it.

  5. gmpicket says:

    I’m not a big fan of the newspaper wrapping. I don’t buy newspapers, either, so when I need them, I have to go buy one, which gets silly. I do think the cloth tie bags are cute, decorative, re-usable and fun. The paper gift bags, I also save and re-use for when I give gifts.

  6. WC says:

    yeah, we have talked about wrapping paper lately. We do have some gift bags so we are using those as they do get recycled Shawn said. I like the idea of cloth bags. Brown paper bags with stamping isn’t too bad either…

  7. Alexandra says:

    Hello Vanessa,

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog, because it’s not eco preachy! It can be fun and beautiful to live more sustainibly, and one does not have to end up with no make-up and scratchy old hemp bags. I have a whole collection of cool re-usable shopping bags of all sizes and for all kinds of purposes.

    If it works with your shower gift’s size, you can wrap it in a “burp cloth”, basically a piece of soft flannelly cotton (or you can just buy a piece of soft flanelly cotton, seam it in and use it. I am a not so new mom, but you can never have enough of these!

    For cosmetics with very natural ingredients, I can recommend Dr. Hauschka or Weleda, both German brands that nature stores in the U.S. carry (not sure about Canada).


  8. Rachel says:

    From the time my kids were very young, it seemed absolutely pointless on Christmas/ birthdays to buy a bunch of paper that would be thrown away in a day or so. I have a large collection of silk clothes that they play dress up with, and I’ve always wrapped their presents in those. It’s beautiful, and we haven’t created more trash. One year for my daughter’s birthday I asked that everyone wrap their present in fabric, then I made her a quilt from the fabric. It’s a great memento for her. Thank you so much for doing this experiment and blog, it has really inspired me that even in my busy life with three kids, two cats, a dog and 60 chickens I can make a little effort every day that in time will add up to a greater change.

  9. nichole says:

    I have vowed to stop buying wrapping paper as well. This Christmas, I made everyone in my family take time opening gifts as to not rip the paper and now I have a lovely collection of paper! Unforutnatey, this stash is seasonal. But I have used some inside out and I’m sure my collection will grow. Hopefully, so will my closet space!

  10. nicole says:

    This was a decision I made a couple years ago, and it’s been so much more fun to “wrap” presents! There are some really creative ideas out there. I own a movie theater, so all the posters that come through that we don’t use…they’re now used for presents!

    As always, I enjoy the blog, and have had fun reading your old posts.

  11. Johanna in NZ says:

    Hi, I love your blog! The fabric idea is fabulous, and something I will keep in mind for the future. I have three preschoolers, so have a generous supply of their artwork to use as wrapping paper.

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