Thankfully, I’m already a choco-snob (Day 49)…


Until a couple years ago, my tastes in chocolate fell into the shameful realm of Snickers bars, Lindt balls and those sickly sweet Pot of Gold nubbins — especially the orange ganaches everyone but me always gags on. But then I interviewed British food critic and author Jay Rayner, who gave me a real truffle that he’d brought on the plane with him from London’s L’Artisan du Chocolat, and after five seconds of such heady, silken chocolate perfection, I could barely ask him anything other than, “HOW DO I GET MORE OF THIS?”

Since then, I’ve managed to sate my cocoa cravings with help from the fine chocolatiers at SOMA, who make a to-die-for Arbequina estate olive oil dark Venezuelan truffle cone and an eight-year-old balsamic vinegar dark chocolate cylindrical truffle — a bit of a mouthful trying to order them, but nothing compared to the mouthful of sheer bliss they melt into.

Occasionally, I’ll cave in and run to the 7-11 next to my apartment for a quickie with Nestle, but as eco-nerds know, Big Chocolate can be a big problem when it comes to the environment and fair labour. So from now on, I’m only eating local and/or fair-trade certified chocolate — if I can do both at once and make it organic to boot, all the better, but I’m not about to turn my nose up at SOMA or turn down the Green & Black’s Easter Egg my mom bought for me (it beats Cadbury’s Creme Egg any day).

For variety, I can always poke around Choco-Sol, JS Bonbons and Bernard Callebaut. But then again, when I’ve already found my ambrosia — in cone form at that! — why bother?

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8 Responses to Thankfully, I’m already a choco-snob (Day 49)…

  1. Lori V. says:

    Vanessa, on the Big Chocolate continuum, Nestle is the absolute worst, and Cadbury is one of the better companies. To find out if your expensive chocolates (some of them are also child slave-labor produced) are fair trade, visit:

  2. Lori V. says:

    Actually, I now see your chocolate comes from Venezuela, and to my knowledge, that is good. The Ivory Coast is where you DON’T want your chocolate to come from! 🙂

    Happy Hump Day!

  3. We have a great local chocolate company here, It’s called Dagoba Chocolates. Check out their Full Circle Sustainability Mission statement:

  4. The orange ones were my favourites too.

  5. gettinggreen says:

    Get out! Are you serious? I thought I was the only one (well, and the population of England, who are all OVER the chocolate-and-orange thing). Did you also used to eat those orange Ovation sticks when everyone else was eating the mint-flavoured ones? Yummers.

  6. Samantha says:

    Actually, Cadbury is now an even better choice for those just-got-to-stuff-my-face chocolate moments (they happen to me at least once a day). They’ve just announced they’re going fair trade, at least with the Dairy Milk line – which will triple fair trade chocolate buying in the UK in one fell swoop. Yay!
    Enjoy your creme eggs – but the ones you get in the UK are bigger 😉

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