Run for Ecover (Day 53)…

I just ran out of my regular Palmolive dish detergent — not to be confused with dishwasher detergent; I’m talking about the liquid suds you keep by the kitchen sink for hand-cleaning all those Waterford crystal champagne flutes … Yeah yeah, I’m broke, but fancy stemware is a non-negotiable indulgence at my place.

Anyway, because I’m trying to get as much variety as possible with all these eco-products, I thought I’d invest in something a little different, maybe a Canadian brand like Nature Clean or Citra-Dish. But the Ecover detergent just looked so much prettier than the others, with its translucent packaging and modern typeface. Plus I’ve already had major success with this company’s laundry wash and glass cleaner, and it’s owned by this Belgian dude named Jørgen Philip Sørensen, and when you have two slashed letter o’s in your name, you’re officially cool.

So I just went ahead and bought their dish detergent. Of course, I love it. Smells light and fresh, isn’t too gooey and does the job perfectly.

And no, I swear I don’t work for Ecover, nor are they slipping me free swag under the table (psst, Ecover, feel free to do this anytime — I’m at 300-1450 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON, M3B 3R5).

4 Responses to Run for Ecover (Day 53)…

  1. Kris Shanks says:

    I’ve tried a couple different eco-brands, and my experience is that Ecover wins hands down in the the efficient suds department.

  2. Jessie Jane says:

    Yup, Ecover rocks. We just started using their floor cleaner, too, and I’m happy to report that our tiles are nice and shiny with no residue. Now the only Mr. Clean in my apartment is the guy pushing the mop (yes, I make my boyfriend do the floors).


  3. Lara says:

    I just made the switch recently to Ecover dish detergent and cream scrubber…and I’m really happy with it as well! After examining (in great detail) all of the options at the store, I was also won over by it’s fresh and simple design…and, of course, the fact that the cap, label and bottle are 100% recyclable. And yes, it never hurts that the owner has a super cool name!

  4. Karin says:


    I found this bit of news, which tarnishes Ecover’s green reputation. Maybe. Wonder how much Dioxane is too much? See the post:

    I have heard that Canada has a company called Worx that produces green cleaning products. Anyone heard


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