Razing the bar (Day 58)…


No, this isn’t yesterday’s post being recycled (although that would be somewhat appropriate). I’ve just decided to do a little hair-removal sequel of sorts because I not only invested in new shaving cream but had to get a new razor, too. The one under my sink was — to quote the B-52’s — tin-roof rusted.

So after much success with the Preserve toothbrush — I had a dentist appointment on Monday, by the way, and he didn’t seem to notice any difference, nor did he detect my love affair with natural, fluoride-free toothpaste (I made sure to drink coffee beforehand so as to cover up the smell of tea tree oil and baking soda) — I decided to go for the same brand of razors, which are 100% recycled and recyclable.

I appreciate the bright colours, and it gets the job done, but I miss the swivelling head and triple-blade power of Gilette’s Venus; once I even tried their battery-operated razor, which vibrates (I have no idea how vibrating helps remove hair but it was kinda fun, and horrifying, at the same time). Also, I think something like the razor saver is good in theory, but the idea of spending $12 on such a specific eco-gadget makes me irritable.

9 Responses to Razing the bar (Day 58)…

  1. Colin Beavan says:

    You know I adore you, which is why I have to tell you that you’re way too good for disposable products!
    Your pal,
    Colin aka No Impact Man

  2. Alina says:

    Vanessa, I have to agree… I know the Venus is not made out of fancy recycled plastic but I don’t think there is any way that disposable razors are better than a just replaceable blades… You produce so much more waste!!! Sorry girl… I think you dropped the ball on this one… But we still love you!!

  3. vigilant20 says:

    They aren’t “disposable” per se. They actually have replaceable heads. I use these as well and am quite happy with them.

  4. Christopher says:

    As a big fan of the Razor Saver (two Mach 3 blades in nine months, with no nicks or cuts!), I think the best way to deal with the $50 minimum at Sustainable Village is to buy five of them and give them as gifts to four friends. (It won’t fit my wife’s Venus, but does fit the men’s razors.) If not, they’re sold at Lehman’s for $10 plus shipping, with no minimum order — search for “razor sharpener” on their website.

  5. gettinggreen says:

    Yeah, I was going to try and just get new blades instead of whole razors, but those fancy Gillette ones I mentioned were from a while ago and I no longer had them, and the one I did have was all gunked up and gross. I’m definitely going to buy new blades for the ones I have now, though, instead of tossing the entire thing.

  6. christal says:

    btw, the preserve razor now comes in a triple blade. and everything is recyclable, people!!! the blade saver is a must have, too.

  7. Alina says:

    Oh ok… I just don’t get it then… if you can just change the heads, why are there 4 in the package? That doesn’t make sense… Shouldn’t there be 4 blades instead? :s

  8. christal says:

    alina… while the ones you see in the package are also blade replaceable, I believe this is for multiple person households, who may need to have different razors for different purposes. to be honest, even though I own the set, I never questioned it. I just bought the replacement blades and reused them. now that I think about it, perhaps it is to have ones on reserve as you recycle them? dunno…..
    the new triple blade razor is just one to a pack, though.

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