One glass, less class for this lass (Day 59)…


As Thistle reader E-Jay commented the other day, one of Oprah’s top 10 ways to go green on her show last week was to use the same drinking “vessel” (cup, glass, mug, thermos, bucket) each day for all beverages. Somehow, I doubt the big O herself actually sips her imported spring water from the same cup as her caramel macchiato, but still, it’s a good idea.

Of course, I have my principles when it comes to alcohol (the most important area to have principles, really), so there’s no way in hell I’m pouring a properly decanted bottle of wine into a mug with remnants of my morning coffee — plus, as I’ve already mentioned, I harbor an undying love for extra-fragile stemware. If you’re wondering where the “less class” part of the headline comes into play, it’s in the fact that I will be confined to using the same wine glass for both red, white and sparkling, which in my opinion is a major crime.

When it comes to non-alcoholic beverages, I’m going to make sure that I only use one glass every day for all my water, milk and juice. Because I mostly just stick to water, if I can stretch it to two days, I will. My coffee each morning will be in a mug, because it’s hot, but I will use the same one if I have tea later on. So at most, I’ll only be using three drinking vessels per day, but most likely it’ll be even fewer. I think the key to keeping them all clean will be to cut back on lip-sticking stuff like maple syrup and, well, lipstick.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I’m completely with you on this one, I’m on a campaign for the one day one glass concept at my house. I’ve taken to hiding all the “extra” cups so people will be forced to reuse their cups. I’ve written my kids names on their cups so they can’t say they forgot which one was theirs so they had to get a new one. And I’ve discovered extra cabinet space since I realized that no, I really don’t need to keep around eight to ten glasses per person living in the house. Imagine my dismay when at her last visit my mom went to Walmart and bought me an eight pack of glasses, and and eight pack of plastic cups…

  2. Shawn says:

    Maple syrup lipstick being the double death dealer to the reused cup plan!

    I’ve done this one my whole life, but back in the oldey times it was because I am lazy.

  3. Mido says:

    I never really thought about helping save by only using one glass, but it makes a lot of sense; the funny thing, as a lazy student, I basically only use two cups–one for coffee and one for water–so I feel kind of proud of my laziness. Unintentional conservation is definitely a bonus.

    Good luck to you!

  4. Autumn says:

    Why not just drink all your drinks out of the coffee mug? I mean how many more than three glasses a day would you be using? It hardly seems like you’re cutting back much… I think a true commitment would be using that one mug for everything all day. And you can wipe off lipstick with your handkerchief.

  5. gettinggreen says:

    Yes, but the thing is I tend to drink big pint glasses of water alongside my morning coffee, my afternoon tea and my evening wine, so I feel like I really need a separate glass for that. And while coffee and tea will share one vessel, I just don’t have it in me to pour wine in there, too. But what I might do is just quickly rinse my mug and my wine glass each night rather than put them both in the dishwasher…

  6. Rhett says:

    I don’t see the big deal with expanding to two glasses. I keep two here at work– one for coffee and one for water or cold drinks. I do that largely because I tend to drink my water by the quart and my coffee mug would be a bit small.

    It works out well, and they generally just get rinsed with a little water because I clean them before anything dries to them.

    Also, kudos to my employer (Motorola). The cafeteria has a policy of taking a dime off any time an employee uses his/her own cup.

    As for at home, the one cup rule is in effect, except for our alcohol. On top of that, we keep the odd plastic bottles we end up with and fill them with water because I guzzle water like it’s going out of style and I love it cold.

  7. Nicole says:

    Have you ever heard of Sigg bottles? They’re aluminum (coated on the inside so there’s no leaching). I have the purple and I LOVE it!! They have smaller ones, too. I’m just a big water drinker, so I went for the one liter.

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