If it’s yellow, let it mellow (Day 74)…

I’m not even going to finish the rest of this saying because I know you know what it means, and let me just say right off the bat that if it’s really yellow — as in, I’ve eaten a lot of asparagus or something — or if any guests are over, it’s getting flushed down too.

Whenever people ask me what changes I’m putting off until the end of this challenge, I always say anything to do with the bathroom: low-flow shower heads, dual-flush toilets, or natural tile and toilet bowl cleaners, because I can’t stand a filthy bathroom — I need it to be bleachy clean. So the “If it’s yellow, let it mellow” change is a big step for me (and I hope you’ll understand why there’s no picture for this one).

5 Responses to If it’s yellow, let it mellow (Day 74)…

  1. Lori V. says:

    What??! No pictures? Well, I feel ripped off! 🙂

  2. Thank you for putting in the thing about guests (memory of cottage weekend 2005). So shoudl I now call before I stop by then?

  3. Anon. says:

    So what if it’s yellow? Maybe it’s because my toilet is an icky pink color, that the yellow isn’t as noticeable. You seem overly picky about a lot of the steps you’re taking and make a lot of exceptions. If you’ve decided to only flush every other or every couple times, then do it unless guests are coming over, or the other thing.

    If you pay for your water, low-flow shower heads save you money. And haven’t you switched to natural shampoos, laundry stuff, dish soap? If natural cleaners are good enough for those things, it’s getting your bathroom just as clean. You don’t have to have bleach to kill germs.

  4. Kate says:

    My roommate is super anal-retentive about a clean bathroom, and she was the one who introduced me to eco-friendly products. Then our toilet broke down so we got a low flow, with a wicked cash rebate from the city (Actually we don’t let yellow mellow, but the flush is super short).
    If you can’t get a new toilet right now, you can also fill a big pop bottle with water, close it and put it in your tank, so that less water fills and empties for each flush.

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