No steaks on a plane (Day 80)…

Recently, I confessed to booking a somewhat elaborate summer vacation that requires a fair amount of air travel (which I’ve at least offset with TerraPass). On the plus side, I made sure to take one big chunk of time off work, so for the most part the flights will be short-haul; on the down side, due to scheduling conflicts, it also means taking a lot of connecting flights (and by “a lot” I mean … um… *cough* nine).

As I’ve already committed to eating meat sparingly — and, when I do, it has to be free-range, organic and/or grass-fed — this means I’d have to pick apart all my in-flight meals, being careful not to get genetically modified pork residue on the peas.

But the reality is, whether or not I eat the meat on my plate (or rather plastic tray), it doesn’t make a difference by that point; the demand for it is created as soon as I book my ticket.

Fortunately, this greenie plans ahead. I requested that all my in-flight meals be vegetarian or nothing at all. Most airlines these days are very accommodating — besides having veg options, they usually offer kosher, low-cholesterol, gluten-free and even bland/ulcer meals.

Unfortunately, I can’t request that they leave out the plastic cutlery set or make sure that both the coffee and any chocolate in the dessert is fair-trade. But if the cutlery comes separately, I’ll pass it back (then again, if I can’t get my portable chopsticks past security, this could be a problem).

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  1. Alina says:

    Hey, there’s a good place where you can start writing your angry letters :p You can write to the airlines and explain to them how organic/fair trade options are important to you and that they should also provide them if someone asks for them… I’m guessing that’s how they started providing all the other weird diet meals 😉

  2. Shawn says:

    I hope some of your flights are on Lufthansa. They have the best vegetarian meals =) I have noticed that pretty much all vegetarian airline meals are also vegan. I assume because it is easier for them to get both groups with one meal.

    Don’t feel too bad though, I recently took 13 flights in a 3 week span. Sometimes you just gotta do it.

    I’ll be curious how the chopsticks do at security. Let us know. Assuming we don’t read about you in the news =)

  3. Rhett says:

    Amusingly, every time I book my flights, I request a vegetarian meal simply “to see if anyone notices”. In a decade, I have never once received my vegetarian meal.

    A lot of the more mercenary airlines now sell the food ala carte, though, so a meal has not been specifically planned for me and I can bring what I want. I feel so much more comfortable with this arrangement in the long run, because I generally dislike the food I’m given on flights.

    I hear Amtrak has lovely meal services, and we were considering a train ride to New York in August, which is about 24 hours from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I suppose that would give us adequate time to find out.

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  5. tara says:

    I know this can be tiresome if you have a ton of flights, especially with today’s strict luggage restrictions and airline seats which give you 0.00001 square foot to make your own for the duration of your flight, but I pack my online meals. Things like PB&J keep for hours and hours (and of course, can be with made with local, organic breads, jams and nut butters). Actually, a lot of things keep for longer than people expect. And next time you fly – put your hand on the floor beneath your seat. It is quite cold, so food can last a while. Get creative – veggie sticks, sandwiches with nut butter and bananas/apples/avocado/veggies (maybe not all at once!). There are great recipes for homemade “nutrition bars” which are much healthier than the packaged kind, and travel well, too. Best of luck on your travels!

  6. Melissa_H says:

    Hey Vanessa,

    Having just got back from my big vacation (I missed you while I was away!), I can sadly report that (at least at the Munich airport) there were cute little cartoons of things you cannot bring on the plane, and these included (to my surprise) chopsticks. Other places don’t have them in their pictures, but do forbid knitting needles… which look pretty similar to chopsticks to me. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…


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