Delivery miseries (Day 86)…


I don’t care if it’s delivery or Delissio, I’m having none of it!

Well, obviously there won’t be any Delissio because I’ve unplugged my freezer, but as of today I’m saying no to all delivered food — unless it happens to be packaged entirely in recyclable or biodegradable containers, and arrives either by bicycle or Sherpa.

In most other countries, delivery men (and, OK, the occasional delivery woman) do use bikes and scooters to get around, and usually pile as much as they can onto the back in order to make fewer trips. But here, food is almost always delivered in a car and, unless it’s pizza, comes in styrofoam or foil containers with bags of plastic cutlery, napkins and way too many of those squidgy packets of ketchup, mustard and vinegar.

As I think I’ve said before, I’ve never been an active member of the fast food nation; my weakness when it comes to delivery is the quarter-chicken dinner from Swiss Chalet with that special, special sauce (seriously, is there MDMA in that stuff?), which I order online — all my deets are programmed into the system for maximum efficiency, too. However, since I stopped eating any meat unless it’s certified organic and free-range, that’s been ruled out anyway.

Naturally, this rule only applies to food, as I still need to be able to accept other deliveries, like mail. And presents. Lots of presents.

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5 Responses to Delivery miseries (Day 86)…

  1. Shawn says:

    The last time I ordered pizza here in the SF bay area it came via Lexus SUV and included an entire plastic bag of napkins, plastic cutlery and mini pouches of chili peppers. Like enough condiments and napkins for 20 people. I don’t think it was the pizza that gave me heartburn.

    I hope you get some sweet presents =)

  2. Morgan says:

    I’ve been setting a bit of trend here at work when it comes to the delivery of food for our meetings and even when we run out at lunch as a team. I try and get to the line first, not because I’m hungry, but because I tell the lunch worker that I don’t want any styro foam containers, that my sandwich can be wrapped in paper, and I brought my own bowl for the tastiest veggie chili I’ve ever had. The restaurant is happy to oblige and even though the people with me didn’t bring their own bowl for chili or soup…they do in turn ask for no styrofoam containers…I’m hoping this has two effects, one…that the restaurant changes their packaging materials, and two…that people understand they can request more responsible food packaging materials…

    Nice work…you’ll have to do some research and find the few places that meet your criteria for delivery and packaging methods!

    Cheers dude!

  3. Rhett says:

    Here in Ft. Lauderdale, there’s a joint called Pizza Fusion. They use all organic ingredients, cater to vegans, buy wind-powered electricity, and deliver all their pizzas in a fleet of hybrids.

    Seems nice, but they’re on the other side of town for us. I’m fairly sure that, even given all they do, it’s greener for us to order a pizza from the pizza joint 2 miles down the road and just ask for no cheese. We don’t order delivery very often…maybe once every two months. We’re blessed with being able to walk down the road to a Whole Foods, and besides that, I can bake focaccia any time I feel like it. It’s really not an inconvenient food at all.

  4. Marnie says:

    hmmmm…..maybe we should all get together and convince Magic Oven to start bicycle delivery – that would be heaven delivered on non-polluting wheels 🙂

  5. danger says:

    Here in Melbourne (Australia) we have tiffins. They are a curry delivery co who make curries in thermal tiffin boxes (they have 3 layers – a rice box and 2 different curry boxes) and they deliver them by bicylce rickshaw. After an hour they come and collect the boxes to use the next day. How cool is that.

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