Don’t let me eat take-out (Day 87)…

That was supposed to be a Marie Antoinette pun. Well, not a pun, exactly, but you know, “Let them eat cake” — oh, forget it, I can never come up with decent headlines. Anyway, moving on: I thought I’d continue with yesterday’s fast-food theme.

After eliminating all delivered food from my menu — in some part because of the packaging in which it always arrives but mostly because of the fuel involved in getting it to my front door — I’ve decided to go the extra step and ban take-out food altogether, unless I’m able to bring my own reusable containers or wrapping to store it.

So, basically, the only way I can now eat fast food is if it’s vegetarian, if I walk or bicycle to get it, and if I plan ahead and bring all my own plates and cutlery. The one other exception will be if I’m out all day unexpectedly for work and haven’t been able to make my own lunch, in which case I’ll try to find something I can eat in-hand — and if it’s something messy like a falafel, I might need to allow myself a single piece of wax paper (I shouldn’t need to use any napkins, though, because I’ll have my hankie — which I’ll only use if it’s relatively clean, of course).

Phew! I think it’ll be easier to just make my own damn pizza. Oh wait, I can’t use my oven. Crap.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Went to an “Old Chicago’s” in Denver recently and had left overs from the meal. The silly and unelightened waiter brought (GASP) a SYROFOAM BOX! Before he placed it on the table, my dear friend ( who is catching on ) stopped the silly waiter before it hit the table, “NO STYROFOAM! She won’t take it, it doesn’t recycle.” (Dear, sweet Eddie). The poor, silly waiter looked flumuxed. I had to CONVINCE him that every good kitchen will have aluminum foil. Tally: the silly waiter learned syrofoam is bad and his kitchen has foil, and my best friend, without realizing it, is coming on over to the enviro-side. Yeah!

  2. Chile says:

    We eat out fairly rarely, but we feel okay about getting take-out from “Chipotle’s Mexican Grill”. One reason is that we can easily get a vegan burrito there – tortilla, rice, black beans, grilled bell pepper & onion, fresh salsa, corn, guacamole, & lettuce. They are also working towards getting more organic beans. For take-out, the burritos are wrapped in thin foil and then put in a paper bag. That’s it. If you want plasticware or napkins, you get them yourself (we don’t). I wash and reuse the foil until it’s in shreds, and then recycle it. I reuse the bag until it’s falling apart and then either compost or recycle it. The frosting on (Marie Antoinette’s) cake is that the restaurant is within walking and biking distance.

  3. This is a great suggestion! We usually reuse the plastic ware that comes with the Chinese food; the pizza box goes in the recycling bin. We’re down to deliveries about once a month, and when we do order (especially Chinese) we order extra and freeze it, to cut down on a second delivery. There’s always a way to “beat the system” if you’re creative enough!

  4. Nickelking says:

    OK, no fast food, delivery, fridge, oven or microwave. I know there are a lot of things that can be cooked on stove top, but I’m beginning to worry about your health with the diet you’ll have to go to. (I have a feeling I’m gonna get some flack for that statement.)

    I vote you at least get a toaster oven so you can have some baked foods or at least get an exemption for the oven for making things that will have a lot of leftovers

  5. Dan Dalzotto says:

    Greets from Melbourne Australia – congrats on this awesome journey your taking, from being a mogul to resist packaging too for awhile now, and ive found sushi (vegetarian) is a really to do packaging free for a quick takeaway, I’ve also found building up a bit of a mateship with takeaway shopowners is a good way to score a bit more in your bowl if you bring it yourself.

    Though i have found some people are insulted or not happy to let you bring your own plates (i dont know why) anyways, thanks for inspiring.

    🙂 Dan.

  6. I can only reuse the clear plastic bags for my bulk nuts and seeds so many times… how do we get around that one? Not totally on topic but sort of.

  7. christal says:

    hola healthy cookie–
    try this link

    this is far better than the plastic bags that you are reusing. and they are easily laundered!!

  8. gettinggreen says:

    I know, Meg, I always try to bring little plastic containers if I know I’m going to be getting bulk items from the Big Carrot or wherever because those plastic bags are so flimsy. But then that does require taking a big tote bag filled with empty plastic containers, which is kind of irritating.

    Thanks for the sushi tip, Dan! I love that word “mateship”… I’ll definitely have to strike up a mateship with the restos in my area.

    And Nickelking, rest assured, I won’t be unplugging any more appliances any time soon! But if anything, I’m only eating healthier, because eliminating fast food and takeout forces me to cook for myself more often; not having a fridge means I can’t keep leftovers sitting around getting bacteria for longer than a day; and the oven means a lot less treats and baked goods. I used to have a toaster oven, and I agree, that really is the way to go if you’re living solo. I just don’t really have the counter space for one right now.

  9. christal says:

    hello vanessa! I do love what you are doing, and read the blog everyday to keep up. the plastic containers are great for bulk, but did you see the produce bags that eco bags offers? light weight so that you aren’t charged for using the bags and you can buy several at a time. they stow away very discreetly in your tote using very little space. check em out!!

  10. Aha! Here is your solution…..Stove Top Pizza. It is possible! Your post made me curious, so I looked it up and low and behold, someone has documented it on the internet.

    To make it easier on yourself, you could make a pizza with an herb-pesto (homegrown!) sauce and throw on fresh tomatoes instead of cooking up a tomato sauce and or even buying canned. Lucky for you, California produces olive oil, so you can stay within the US/Canada for ingredients.

    You know, I’d be interesting in a recipe blog post(s) when this is all said and done. At the year’s end, I’m sure there will be many of us wondering what and how you ate.

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