I choo-choo-choose moo (Day 101)…


Whenever people ask for my card these days, it’s usually after I’ve been telling them about this website, so I always end up grabbing my boring National Post card, digging for a pen and then scrawling the URL on the back of it before handing it over.

I desperately needed wanted to get a new set of cards printed, ones that included this blog link, but I didn’t want to deplete the Boreal forest even further to do so (the irony would’ve be a little too painful).

Then a friend pointed me towards Moo, a company that lets you create personalized business cards that are about one-third the standard size. The paper used to manufacture them is sourced from sustainable forests and they come in a recyclable box with next to no packaging.

I suppose the most ecologically responsible thing to do would have been to make my own with soy-based ink and whatever post-consumer scrap I could find around the house. But these are so pretty!

5 Responses to I choo-choo-choose moo (Day 101)…

  1. Photos of us at the nude bicycle ride could have gone great on the back fo them 🙂

  2. lauren alysse says:

    i have moo cards for my lj!
    i adore them!

  3. lloyd alter says:

    I just love this, so 2.0. every card different and download them from flickr and half the size of normal cards (like treehugger cards) I am posting this tomorrow. What a brilliant find.

  4. Noelle says:

    I totally just ordered some. I have work issued cards, but often find myself scribbling personal info as well. These will be great for personal networking! 🙂

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