Search and make joy (Day 112)…


I must use Google at least 50 times a day, whether researching for work, looking up random trivia or just doing a vanity search (kidding — I’ve only Googled myself twice, three times tops… OK maybe seven). And in all the years that I’ve been using it, I don’t think it’s ever failed me, even with the most obscure, long-winded, over-punctuated queries.

But a little while ago, Shawn over at Kowai mentioned this thing called GoodSearch, which is powered by Yahoo! but has a philanthropic edge: it makes a donation to the charity of your choice every time you type in a phrase and hit Enter (I chose the World Wildlife Fund).

Founded in 2005 by a guy from and his friend, a former MSNBC anchor, GoodSearch donates 50% of its advertising revenue to the charities and schools selected by its users. They estimate that only about one cent from each click goes to the cause, so you really need to search for a whole lot of stuff for it to make a difference.

Still, baby steps are better than no steps, so from now on I’ll make it my primary search engine.

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  1. Debbie says:

    I’m trying to use GoodSearch more now, too; I do many searches during the course of my work day, but I’ve been a bit frustrated with the results. It’s just not as comprehensive Google and misses more than it should (in my opinion. I often find myself having to repeat the search on Google. Still, my charity (I chose WWF too!) gets some benefit from it, and if more people use it it might improve.

  2. Thanks for the tip on GoodSearch, I’m going to give it a try.

  3. malafide says:

    There’s also Ripple:

    It works like GoodSearch, and it’s powered by Google.

  4. Jamie says:

    Not a search engine, but check out The Hunger Site:

    I have no clue if it works, but it doesn’t get much easier then that 🙂 I am swapping out google for good search, thanks again for another cool tip.

  5. anna banana says:

    hey, i forgot about goodsearch! thanks for mentioning it. my girlfriend’s organization (partnership for the homeless) is one of the options for places to donate, so i chose that one.

  6. gettinggreen says:

    Oooh! Thanks malafide — I like Ripple even better! I’ve officially set it as my homepage now.

  7. Morgan says:

    Don’t be too hard on Google by jumping ship just yet! Google is an amazing company and paves the way for a lot of cool technologies that help us with what we care about.

    Check out how much power Google just generated in the last 24 hours: Google Solar Panels.

    Don’t forget that google also invests heavily in green initiatives like the Tesla Roadster which is proving out performance in electric vehicles, eco-fuels…etc….

    Don’t feel guilty at all about using Google…

  8. Alina says:

    yeah ripple is pretty cool. I didn’t really think much of goodsearch because those search results… well… they weren’t really that good.

  9. Sean says:

    FYI… Unfortunately, Ripple does not earn any money from Google, nor do they donate any money per search.

    This is from the Ripple blog – (although it’s a bit hard to find),,,

    June 11th, 2007 – “Ripple Search has encountered a couple of issues and ads are no longer appearing on the Google search results page – unfortunately this means that ripple Search is not presently earning money for our charities.”

    They should make this more clear on their site!

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