Greening my hangover (Day 113)…

Sorry for the late, short and all-round crappy post today folks, but this is one sick Thistle. Head pounding. Stomach lurching. Eyes bloodshot. In fact, I’m not even sure how my fingers found their way to this keyboard and made all these words appear.

Nonetheless, the show must go on, so today I’m going to be greening my hangover routine. In place of overpackaged Gravol, I’ll have to either suck on a piece of ginger or just tough it out. Barf bag? Not unless it’s reusable. Basically, the only cure I’ll be relying on for this and any other hangover is the no-frills holistic one: my body’s ability to heal itself.

Man, this screen is bright.

11 Responses to Greening my hangover (Day 113)…

  1. Hellcat13 says:

    And don’t forget the water…lots and lots of water.

  2. Chile says:

    In fact, alternating drinking water with the other stuff will help reduce your hangover the next day. Some of the pain comes from dehydration which, as I understand it, cause the meninges covering the brain to pull away. So, the next time you go drinkin’ Vanessa, have 1 glass of water for each glass of alcohol. Your brain will thank you!

  3. Stella DeGree says:

    Miso soup (vegetarian miso paste can be bought in a tub) is my best hangover cure.

  4. Kim says:

    ginger tea! It’s all I drink during the summer and helps with my IBS a ton. Feel better, I was definitely there this weekend!

  5. Andrew says:

    Homeopaths have magical hangover cures too…cures which are probably available in little pellets at places like Noah’s. Nux Vomica is fairly commonly used – you just take 3-4 pellets under your tongue, and it saves a half a day of pain…

  6. veronica says:

    Vanessa, were you at Green Drinks last night?

  7. christal says:

    And as much as I hate to admit it, as a former bartender- my best tip is high fat comfort foods the next morning or for your late night breakfast (fried egg & cheese on whole wheat with french fries ALWAYS did the trick).

  8. gettinggreen says:

    Don’t I know it, Christal and Kim — my saving grace is a big pile of poutine and gallons of water the night I’m drinking, then tea, tea and more tea the next day. Veronica, I wish I was at Green Drinks last night… that would at least make it seem more justified. I’ll have to remember to check one of those events out.

  9. Morgan says:

    Here’s the recipe for hang over cure…works every time…all though I’ve never had a headache in my life so maybe I’ve never really been totally hung over!

    – 3:42am hit any late night poutine joint
    – 3:52am stumble in to the living room and break open the recyclable plastic tray and chow hard…
    – 4:10am call your buddy and complain about how lame the poutine is…
    – 4:14am decide to ditch the poutine and you and buddy head to humpty’s for a garden skillet and green tea (taxi or walk)
    – 5:20 full and barely mobile, you roll back home and finish off the disgusting poutine and drink a load of water…like I need the poutine now…
    – 5:45am, jump in the low flow shower for a few minutes…
    – 5:50am…fall into bed…
    – 5:52am…fall on to floor to cool down and stop spinning…damned cherry whisky/baileys shots….
    – 5:54am – find the belt you thought you lost under the bed, but you leave it there only to forget you found the belt until you write out your “hang over” cure online…

  10. Mido says:

    Haha, I am hungover right now too….headaches suck…good luck with feeling better soon.

  11. dustybanjo says:

    How about a “barf bowl” instead of a barf bag. We’ve always used barf bowls, even in the car! I prefer to use a stainless steel bowl over melamine, just because of the psychological ick factor.

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