Too many Stars in my eyes (Day 116)…

I’m a journalist. I work at a newspaper. And I like to have a real, live copy of it every morning to read with my coffee and oatmeal, so I’m not about to cancel my subscription to the Post anytime soon (plus it’s free, and it’s the only employee perk I get, so cut me some slack).

However, I’ve been getting the Star on Sundays, because the Post only prints Monday to Saturday, and suddenly they’ve started delivering it to me free of charge every day of the week. It’s way too much paper, and while I love getting complimentary anything, it means hauling down stacks of it to the recycling bin every few days and is really a waste.

So as of today, I’m cancelling my subscription, and going back to one newspaper a day.

6 Responses to Too many Stars in my eyes (Day 116)…

  1. vigilant20 says:

    Hah crazy…the one time someone gives you something for free…it would be something you don’t want! Life…

  2. Lori V. says:

    Could you suggest that the Post place 5 or 6 community copies in a break room at work, and you could read it with coffee there, without having to have extra delivered to your door every day? You’d still have a hard copy to read without extra waste. At the end of the day, then you could grab the community copies & take them to recycle if the Post won’t recycle them.

  3. Hellcat13 says:

    Yes, my daily newspaper provides me with some measure of guilt as well. But it’s a luxury. The online editions are too hard on my eyes. As an editor, I’m glued to the screen 8 hours a day already, and I like the relief that hard copy brings. My parents share their newspaper with a neighbour. I should get to know my neighbours better and seek out an arrangement like that. Sometimes I miss living in the country, where your neighbours are two miles away, but far closer than your next-door neighbours in the city.

  4. lloyd alter says:

    good luck, they do not take no for an answer. I tried to cancel many times and finally just gave up, we are part of their circulation numbers.

  5. dustybanjo says:

    Good for you for cancelling! I weigh my garbage and recycling before putting it out (as part of the 90Percent Reduction Project) and at last weigh-in the newspapers alone weighed 26 lbs. That’s definitely got to be reduced, as the goal for ALL garbage/recycling weight is 25.2 lbs. We get the Globe (sorry Vanessa…), the weekend Star (I caved and signed up after getting the freebies) and the local bi-weekly. I’ve been putting off unsubscribing, having newspaperoholic tendencies, especially when there’s tea or coffee in a mug. My plan is to start with cutting the Star and then (sadly) the Globe. The local rag comes whether we like it or no, and is useful for keeping abreast of local issues and sometimes features photos of people we actually know! An alternative I’m mulling over is to shred the newspapers and compost them. If I do that then it doesn’t count as garbage. However, that’s a lot of shredding to do and a lot of compost. I’m still mulling…. Any ideas for speedy shredding, anyone?

  6. Anon says:

    I HATE all the newspapers I get during the week, but I can’t help it.

    The Post may not like this, but maybe you could see someone else who subscribes to the paper and ask if they want to share your copy? Or you could leave your copy in a coffee shop or something (that they would like, more exposure)

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