A token of my eco-love (Day 119)…


Now that I’ve sold the car, I’ll be riding my bike as much as possible. However, Quentin (that’s his name) will only get me so far. Yesterday, for example, as I was cycling home from work through the ravine, an air tumor suddenly appeared in his front tire, growing and growing and finally exploding with a loud bang on a quiet residential street, forcing me to walk to the nearest streetcar stop and take the TTC the rest of the way home (using a $5 bill because that’s all I had in my wallet).

I realized then that I’d need to invest in a proper Metropass, or at least some tickets or tokens so I wouldn’t be constantly stressing out on the steps of the 501 about whether or not I had $2.75 in exact change.

Because I hope to repair Quentin as soon as possible, a Metropass might be a bit of a waste, financially. When it comes to the other options, at first it seems tickets would be the most environmentally sound, but they get thrown out after each use and probably aren’t printed on post-consumer recycled paper with soy-based ink (note to Adam Giambrone: feel free to look into this).

Tokens, on the other hand, get reused, and while I’m not exactly sure what the manufacturing process involves, I feel like something so teensie couldn’t possibly make such a big carbon footprint … but then I also like reassuring myself with sketchy logic like this, so there you go.

I think, then, that I’ll opt for the tokens, unless any public transit experts, subway-button-wearing TTC fanatics or Giambrone himself tells me otherwise in the comments below.

7 Responses to A token of my eco-love (Day 119)…

  1. Awe… Quentin… Quentin and Betty had such fun together on the shoulder of highway 2. Now go see Pete at Sweet Pete’s (http://sweetpetes.com/index.cfm) … he’ll fix the bike up for you good as new- plus he’s gone organic (not in the shop but in his life).

  2. Treecan says:

    I myself have never understood the point of having Tickets. I really have no idea… oh wait maybe its because Seniors and Students can buy discount tickets and they have to show it??? I would just have tokens though… they just seem to make more sense. I LOVE my metro pass!! I love not having to worry if I have enough tickets/tokens to come home or go to work…

  3. Josh Rachlis says:

    I’d recommend getting a subscription to the Metropass. I finally took that leap a few months ago and I’m loving it. I don’t have to line up to buy a pass at the end of the month. I get 10 bucks or whatever off the price each month (equals one month free). And, well, you don’t have to use numerous tokens or tickets. Just one pass. So that’s eco-friendly, huh? You’ll find you use it all the time. And you won’t feel bad about jumping onto the streetcar for a short trip. Or getting on and off the subway at different stops. It’s very freeing. So… That’s my two cents. But what do I know? My bike sits rusting in the outdoor bike area of my apartment building. And he doesn’t even have a name. Though he does, apparently, have a gender.

  4. Another thought: By an extra tube! I myself gave up my car years ago, and have been a bus chick for a long time. I started biking to work last year (off and on), and found having a spare bike tube, or a patch kit, handy.


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