An increase in creases (Day 122)…


There’s nothing I hate more than waking up and finding a new wrinkle — whether it’s one on my forehead or one in the shirt I planned to wear to work that morning.

But of course every time I iron my clothes, more electricity gets used, especially because I have no idea how to do it properly and end up taking forEVER to get the job done). Now, I’m not about to show up to a hot date or job interview in a pair of wrinkley, bunched-up pants, but I will be limiting how often I use my iron, as well as how high I crank it.

I’m hereby restricting its use to special occasions and/or crease-prone materials like linen. Furthermore, when I do use it, I’ll make sure to keep it on medium heat and try to get batches of stuff done at once rather than individually.

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3 Responses to An increase in creases (Day 122)…

  1. christal says:

    I HATE to iron — So I never do it!! I just put my wrinklies on a hanger in the bathroom while I take a shower. The steam gets most of the little buggers out. I also keep a recycled spray bottle filled with water, for emergencies. For the uber stubborn ones, I mist them with the bottle, smooth it out & then hang them during the shower. Voila! (virtually wrinkle free and COMPLETELY pain free!) good luck!

  2. Mary says:

    Hi Vanessa!

    A couple of things may help: When clothes come out of the wash – very quickly hang them out to dry. Don’t use the dryer, and you can use your hands to smooth out a lot of the wrinkles.

    My father also will put his pants under his mattress at night and in the morning they are beautifully creased.

    As a last resort, taking clothes that are wrinkled, especially knits can be tossed in the dryer (if you are using it) with wet towels for about 5 minutes and they come out a tad damp but without wrinkles.

    Good luck!


  3. You would not believe the wardrobe items I am currently not wearing because I can’t face the iron. Before I was a wanna-greenie, I actually took wrinkled items and had them drycleaned…just to get them ironed. I know. I have since learned the error of my ways.

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