Showering in the dark (Day 125)…

The light in my bathroom went out this morning — it’s one of the few halogens that I unfortunately can’t switch to a CFL — and I didn’t have time to get a new bulb. So instead, I just brushed my teeth and took a shower with it off. I felt a bit silly at first, but because the sun had already come up, I could see well enough to get all my ablutions done without a problem. Then I thought, “Why not do this for the rest of the year?”

I’m not going to put my makeup on without some decent lighting so I’ll switch it on for that, and when the days get shorter in the Winter I might need to turn it on at some point so I don’t start washing my face with conditioner and brushing my teeth with moisturizer. But for now, I’ll be using a little less power for my shower.

6 Responses to Showering in the dark (Day 125)…

  1. Yogamama says:

    I’ve been showering by candlelight for the past several months. I use beeswax candles so it smells great and there is just enough light to see what I am doing. I began this past winter because I couldn’t stand the bright artificial light so early (6:00am) but now I am hooked. As you said, right now there is enough light in the summertime I don’t even need the candles (though they provide a nice atmospheric glow.) When I began I wasn’t really thinking about the savings to my bank account or the planet but I’m sure it helps.

  2. Nicole says:

    This is a simple tip that lots of people can follow. We never turn lights on in our bathroom unless the sun is down since we have a nice window that lights the whole room without any problems. Actually, we keep it off even in the dark many times. I also shower by candelight at night occasionally (like the above poster), simply b/c it’s a relaxing, soft glow–all that you need. In addition, we have 2 separate lights (one on each side of our mirror). Each takes just one bulb, and they also both have a “string” you can pull to turn them off, even if the lightswitch is on. Many times you just need a little light, so we’ll turn on just one when it’s darker outside. Every little bit helps save energy!

  3. pat farquharson says:

    I agree- we have dimmers and they are always on low as it is too painful to have harsh lighting in the bathrom!

  4. limesarah says:

    I wish I had light a window in my bathroom! That would be such a good way to reduce electricity, but it’s pitch black if I close the door, and freezing if I don’t.

  5. ClareSnow says:

    I shower in the morning and the sun comes in the window, so i never need a light. My boyfriend doesn’t quite get this. The other day he came into the bathroom and said how could I see with the light off? I reminded him that with sun coming in the window I could see quite well and if he couldn’t, maybe he needed to get his eyes tested! His turning on light (anywhere in the house) when natural light is enough is a bad habit that I’m trying to help him overcome.


  6. Kristen says:

    I don’t use a light to shower by unless it’s dark. I’ve also considered getting a little solar powered lantern (that charges during daylight hours of course) for showers that happen after sundown. (Nice blog btw – just found it!) The beeswax candles sound nice too!

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