My pen! My biodegradable pen! (Day 130)…


Pens are a bit like umbrellas — people always lose a few here, find a few there, drop one and pick up another, so there’s a constant flow of stationary from office supply closets and pencil cases to pockets and purses, taxis and cash registers. It’s too bad the vast majority of us don’t bother to invest in those fancy pens with refillable cartridges (I don’t, because I know I’ll lose it in the bowels of my bottomless purse).

But I am going to start using biodegradable pens from now on. I got some of these, made from Mater-Bi, a material derived from corn starch that disintegrates in 12 months whether in a compost heap or a landfill. They were on the shelf at Grassroots, one of my favourite eco-stores.

Although I realize, thanks to Michael Pollan and the first chapter of his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma (not to mention that documentary I’m always talking about, King Corn), that there are numerous problems with Zea Mays and we can’t just bank on this plant and its many derivatives to solve all our problems, I still think it’s better than using a disposable plastic one — plus, they’re refillable, for all those who, unlike me, have figured out how to not lose dozens of pens every day.

Oh, and that headline is a nod to the greatest Canadian TV series of all time, Kids in the Hall. Any Bruce McCulloch fans out there?

7 Responses to My pen! My biodegradable pen! (Day 130)…

  1. Lori V. says:

    Way cool… I have to check these out!

    BTW, just because of the obsessive proofreader that I am, the spelling you need is “stationEry” as opposed to “stationAry.” 😉

    Hope you are having a blast on your vacation!

  2. Aimee says:

    Hmmm…not a Bruce McCulloch fan, but Dave Foley was in my town last year and had a beer with some of my friends… 🙂

  3. Shawn says:

    Grassroots looks like a great store if you’re in the Toronto area. Shopping online has horrible shipping rates though. I’m not paying $20 shipping for some pens and soap 😦

  4. Lynn says:

    Loved the Kids in the Hall – excellent title, I can hear it in Bruce’s voice now…
    If you’re still looking for new ideas when you get back, there are quite a few in the book It’s Easy Being Green (ISBN 158685772X) which you can get out of the library (no need to buy a new copy)
    Happy travels.

  5. lamarguerite says:

    Your friend HealthyCookie sent me to visit you! I am impressed. Your blog is the flipside of mine, literally. I am finding some kind of devious pleasure in documenting one green thing I fail to do each day . . . In the end, I am sure the two of us shall meet.


  6. gettinggreen says:

    Thanks for the spelling correction, Lori — I’m such a grammar nerd, too. Can’t believe I’ve been spelling stationery wrong all these years!

    And yes, Grassroots is the best 🙂

    In the bleak but honest north of England right now so only checking in sporadically (although my grandfather has apparently joined facebook and much more plugged in than I assumed, so who knows!).

  7. KFC says:

    OK, this is over a year old, but I LOVE that skit. I knew it instantly. As a teacher, I will definitely check out the feasibility of biodegradable pens. Thanks!

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