BioBag, you’re it (Day 148)…


Ever since I got that little nylon tote bag that fits in my purse, I haven’t needed a single plastic bag. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t using them — I had a bunch stored up from previous shopping trips, which I was keeping under my sink and gradually using up for various things, such as a liner for my bathroom garbage bin.

Well, I finally ran out of them (which goes to show how many I’d amassed). I wanted to get some sort of small waste bag of a similar size that wasn’t made from plastic, so I went for the BioBags. Made mostly out of corn starch, it can be recycled but also biodegrades in 10 to 45 days.

Hopefully, this will be the official end of any and all plastic bags in my life.

4 Responses to BioBag, you’re it (Day 148)…

  1. Hellcat13 says:

    Oh, I use these to line my kitchen compost bucket. They’re lovely. You just scoop the entire thing out and dump it in the composter, and then there is way less icky cleanup of veggie scraps (thus saving soap and water, too!) I’ve heard that there are some bags on the market that only break down into tiny plastic particles, so you have to be aware of the imposters, but the BioBags are the real deal. Lee Valley Tools carries them (and they are available to order online.)

  2. Lori V. says:

    I have always thought of this as quite a dilemma (which hasn’t stopped me from using cornstarch bags for poopscooping)… landfills today are designed to INHIBIT degradation, so why spend more money on more expensive bags that are not going to break down, even though they are made to do so (unless you are, indeed, composting them). My personal answer for this is that it lessens our dependability on petroleum. I don’t care whether they’re totally biodegradable or not; my biggest concern is just that they AREN’T made of petroleum…

  3. Bill F says:

    It’s a great idea in theory, but at present it takes more fossil fuel to make biopolymer than it does to make plastic.

  4. pat farquharson says:

    I think I understand that because it is starch based (corn) it requires less fossil fuel to make??

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