Getting my hands dirty (Day 149)…


I can sign all the petitions in the world, write letters to China every day and cover my bicycle in activist stickers, but I can’t really call myself a tree-hugger until I’ve literally hugged a tree — or at least planted one.

So I’m going to get my hands dirty and start volunteering with an organization like Evergreen, which specializes in community gardening initiatives and urban tree-planting. I’ve fired off an email to my local representative and hopefully will be digging up holes in the Don Valley and filling them with baby seedlings as soon as possible.

There are also groups like LEAF and Plant a Row/Grow a Row — I found out about this through a woman I Freecycled with — as well as the Toronto Environmental Volunteers, which I’ve applied to join too, so we’ll see what happens. Maybe by the end of this challenge my thumbs will finally have started to turn a little green.

3 Responses to Getting my hands dirty (Day 149)…

  1. limesarah says:

    Oh, yay! Several of your posts recently have seemed kind of sad and deprived-feeling, but this change sounds like it will be not only good for the environment, but *fun*.

  2. BP says:

    Good for you! I have had huge problems with many of the environmental action groups in my area due to lack of action. It seems they focus all their attention on education and legislative efforts, which is important, but what about getting a group of people together on a Saturday to get their hands dirty and do some real good?

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