The pick of the litter liners (Day 150)…

I spent forever trying to find eco-friendly cat litter tray liners, perhaps ones made from corn that would eventually break down in my new compost bin (seeing as I’m already using a corn-based product in there), and came up totally empty-handed.

But because I’m desperate, I’m still going to lay claim to at least choosing what I think is the greenest option when it comes to this product.

Of all the brands on the shelf, I looked at the packaging involved, the quantity of liners per box and where they were manufactured, and eventually decided on Van Ness (OK, I may have also chosen it based on the similarity to my name).

They are made of plastic, but they’re simple (I didn’t choose the draw-string one) and come in a recyclable cardboard box, and that’s good enough for now. Next time, however, I may just choose to go without a liner altogether, because I truly don’t think anything could possibly be a bigger waste of time than shopping for cat litter tray liners.

6 Responses to The pick of the litter liners (Day 150)…

  1. pat farquharson says:

    how about a bit of newspaper on the bottom that could go into the compost?

  2. christal says:

    Bio bag also makes liners, but the newspaper idea is the best, I never used liners with my kitty- I just used feline pine and gave it a thorough washing once a week with a homemade scrub made from baking soda.

  3. I’d never even heard of kitty litter liners before I read your post – I have a plastic tray with kitty litter in it and just wrap the used litter in newspaper and wash out the tray when the cat actually uses it (luckily about once a year!)

  4. Luke Gabriel says:

    Liner bags? I’ve never heard of them either! Perhaps you could just go without?

    Also, what caught my eye is that you were shopping for one that was safe for your compost bin. Unless I’m mistaken, kitty… ah…. refuse 🙂 isn’t safe for your bin. It falls into one of those ‘never ever’ things. However, if you’ve got something funky on the go, I’d love to hear about it!


  5. Dahlia T. says:

    ditto – i never used litter liners until i met my husband. we just switched away from them again though because the cats always scratched through the liner, leading to a dirty litter box anyway and still a mess to change. i highly recommend no liner.

  6. Sarah says:

    I never use liners, and my kitties are perfectly content. Granted, it does mean that I have to take the pans out and wash them, but a few spritzes of water and a bit of baking soda seems like less of a negative than a plastic bag, and doesn’t take long at all.

    I’m with Luke up there, btw. I did a lot of research before starting composting, and never found anything that indicated composting cat waste was anything but a bad idea.

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