You shoes, you lose (Day 154)…

shoes on mat

When my parents first moved from England to Canada back in the mid-70s, they were mildly disturbed by a few things: One, yellow butter; two, blizzards in May (at least in Quebec), and three, the custom of taking shoes off at the door. Correct me if I’m wrong, Mum, but I believe your opinion was, and still is, that shoes are part of the outfit and belong on your feet until the rest of your clothes come off.

Now, being a Taurus, I tend to put comfort waaaay above aesthetics. I don’t own any shoes with more than a kitten heel and my most common choice of footwear is either a pair of dilapidated sneakers or dirty flip-flops (the one trend I refuse to endorse no matter how comfortable is the neon Crocs — seriously, those thing are heinous).

Anyway, because I like to be comfy, or maybe just because I’m a Canadian, I’m more than happy to take my kicks off at the door. Sometimes I forget, or sometimes I’ll put a sparkly pair on if I have company, but today my green move will be to enforce the shoes-off policy.

How is this green, you ask? Well, fewer shoes clomping around means less dirt and mud tracked on the floor, which in turn means I need to vacuum less frequently, which, you guessed it, means I’m using less electricity.

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18 Responses to You shoes, you lose (Day 154)…

  1. Mad says:

    Not to mention not tracking in dust, allergenes and pollution in from the street all over your place.

    Really enjoying reading the blog. Kudos to you! You’re an inspiration!!

  2. tracy says:

    i am a canadian living in southern california and make my in-laws nervous with my shoes left at the door policy. but it really does keep the floor cleaner, and will little kids playing on the floor, protects them from the nasties mad refers too. (love the blog too!)

  3. emily says:

    It’ll keep your shoes lasting longer as well. And, I can’t explain why this is, but if you wear your shoes only every other day (with another pair or two for the off-days, of course), it helps the shoes last longer and keeps your feet from smelling or developing athlete’s foot. Maybe this is only good if you WANT to keep your shoes for years–but talk about reducing trash!

  4. I have always felt (despite ribbing from my husband!) that barefoot is best whenever possible! It’s better for your feet, anyway. I wear Teva-type sandals when necessary, cork-soled one-strap sandals if I’m just going out to the barn, and sneakers only when I must – for riding my bike, etc. I totally agree about the Crocs.

    We have always taken our shoes off at the door; it started because until a year or so ago we had a dirt driveway and it was necessary to keep the excess grit from wearing on the floors and carpets constantly. I’m happy to see that my 9 yr old DS has inherited my tendency toward shoelessness, anyway!

    Winter is the one time I have to break this habit. Even clogs are out once it snows, unfortunately! I do need to find an easy-on, easy-off, comfortable for winter solution (besides the fact that I get to wear my handknit wool socks!)

  5. megs says:

    House-shoes and slippers kept in a basket by the front door make life so much easier! We have several pairs in various sizes for guests as well. Besides protecting our floors, they make you feel much cosier, and really extend a warm welcome to guests.

  6. fawn pea says:

    I double agree with you, on the shoe removal and on the heinous crocs! Further proof that people will buy ANYTHING because other people are doing it.

  7. Deb in MA says:

    I agree with the shoes by the door rule. This seems to keep dirt etc to a minimum. Now if I could only do something about the dog …

  8. Isle Dance says:

    Good for you. 80% less toxins in your household for doing this!

  9. I hate this rule. Just so you know. Most people under 5’1 do. But for you… anything.

  10. jessica says:

    at home, my shoes come off at the door and clean slippers go on.
    crocs are very cute on children only.

  11. Lori V. says:

    Not to mention that Crocs are petroleum, right? Ugly AND bad for the environment!

  12. pat farquharson says:

    So is everyone going to ask their visitors to take off their shoes? How about their pants cos they look a bit grubby and wet? What was that about people in glass houses? People who dont like shoes should have mud coloured floors! My cat brings in half the garden stuck on her tail. Maybe I should put a sock on her!

  13. onegoodturn says:

    I don’t know about you, but I find that now that I’m used to taking my shoes off in someone’s home, it feels disrespectful not to do it.

  14. I don’t know about you, but I find that now that I’m used to taking my shoes off in someone’s home, it feels disrespectful not to do it. Shouldn’t we try to keep everyone’s home clean?

  15. Matthew C says:

    It is a shame that removing shoes at the door is not more common in England.

    I have dedicated a blog to this subject that you might want to visit.

  16. Vanessa says:

    Wow, Matthew C — just checked out that blog; pretty amazing! I never would have thought the shoes on-or-off debate would make enough fodder for an entire blog, but you’ve proved me wrong!

    • Edi says:

      I really like this wtiring style.It is so entertaining. By the way, I like ” pa war” especially after arriving in the US.May be it is because I wanna hide my neck or that the weather is cold, or both. Iora

  17. Matthew C says:

    Thanks for visiting.

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