I’m a fan of fans (Day 155)…


Today, in Toronto, it was 38 degrees, one of those days when it feels like you’re working up a sweat just by breathing. Without air-conditioning, it was pretty stifling in my apartment, and Sophie was none too pleased either — this was demonstrated by her shedding everywhere, then eating the clumps of fur later as though they’d turned into food, which meant she’d be coughing up hairballs everywhere. Then she decided to pee on the living room rug, poop on the bed and save a little extra where that came from for the doormat. Ah, the companionship of pets.

The thing is, Canadians are very reluctant to complain about hot weather because we spend so much of the year whining about the cold and snow. Indeed, if it were sunny and hot like this all year round, I really wouldn’t kick up much of a fuss. In the mean time, however, I need to find a way to beat the heat, and when I was in Madrid, I noticed most women carried around these beautiful paper fans. You could buy them on practically every street corner for just €2 (is that a Euro sign? Did I press the right key?), so I got one and brought it back home with me.

Now, I know it’s not made from recycled paper and it may or may not come from China, but there weren’t really many other options other than making my own, and I’m just not that crafty.

And while using a hand-held fan in itself isn’t much of a green change, the fact that I’m no longer going to use my electric fan is.

Photo courtesy of this artsy fartsy site

6 Responses to I’m a fan of fans (Day 155)…

  1. Joy says:

    I just came across your site from No Impact Man’s blog…I’m loving your blog and the idea to change one thing every day of the year~very inspiring! I’ve bookmarked your site and will check back later…Take care!

  2. I looked up that 38C converts to 100.4F. That’s really hot! I hope you are doing something to keep Sophie cool. With her fur coat, she could easily get heatstroke at that temperature. Having accidents all over your apartment could be a warning sign. Wiping her down with a wet towel can help. Hopefully she drinks a lot of water (Many cats don’t.) I really wish you’d re-think using the electric fan. Remember cats don’t pant the way dogs do. If she’s panting she’s already in trouble. I admire your quest to be green, but please don’t kill your cat.

  3. Hellcat13 says:

    Ditto on what Riley & Tiki’s Mom said. We have an easier time cooling off in this temperature (it’s 37° with the humidex here in Ottawa, too) than our pets do. While I haven’t been able to bring myself to turn off the AC during these wickedly humid days, we do jack up the temperature while we’re away at work. The house is usually at the 27°-28° range during the day, and I often come home to find my kitties lying on top of the vents trying to keep as cool as possible. I can’t imagine how they’d feel at 37°! Maybe you need a dedicated kitty-fan for Sophie. At least it looks like it will be cooler come Sunday/Monday. I hope she’s feeling better soon.

  4. gettinggreen says:

    Don’t worry everyone, Sophie’s doing just fine. I think she was just constipated because she gets stressed out when I’m away and I’ve only just gotten back from vacation so it’s all coming out now. And I’ve vacuumed up all the furballs that were lying around so she can’t eat anymore of them. Also, while it’s 38 degrees outside, it’s much cooler than that in my apartment because I don’t get a lot of direct sunlight coming in. She’s been drinking water and hanging out on the balcony, and looks to be OK. Thanks for all your concern, though!

  5. I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now. It inspired me to do something locally (see link above).

    The fan is gorgeous. I want one. I suppose if I bought a USED one I could feel green about it. Thrift stores here I come! Thanks for the great reading.

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