If the eco-friendly shoe fits (Day 167)…


As the shoe company Simple puts it, “Just because a shoe is planet-friendly, doesn’t mean it has to look like a hippie clod-hopper.” They’ve got that right. Just look at these organic, vegan-approved, hemp-whatever fashion tragedies — the “sport style” looks like something you’d need to show proof of senior citizen status to wear (no offense to senior citizens, I know you need plenty of arch support).

Now, I know Birkenstocks made a big comeback and all when they started getting into silver and gold colour schemes and different patterns. And they do have this little press release about their environmental efforts and all, but they’re still kinda ugly, and besides, I’m committed as of last week to not buying anymore leather.

So when it comes to a new set of kicks, I’ll be looking to brands like Simple to help me out. As they say on their website, their new EcoSneaks line is manufactured using sustainable materials like recycled car tires, used plastic bottled, bamboo, jute and organic cotton. As well, they’ve cut down on the packaging, so you can feel less guilty about ordering online and having them shipped.


11 Responses to If the eco-friendly shoe fits (Day 167)…

  1. Kristijoy says:

    El Naturalista also makes intersting (some people don’t like them, I love thier designs) and earth friendly shoes. They do use leather, and I wish they did make canvas or other materials as well, maybe they will in the future.

  2. activistmommy says:

    Those are really cute sneakers. I’m pretty sure that Vans has a vegan shoe available.

  3. Morgan says:

    These are some of my favorites too…

    Keen Footwear

  4. They’re awesome. Just wish they weren’t made in China…

  5. Lori V. says:

    I love my Simple Shoes! I have some Toe Foos and some Coos Toes. They are muy comfy and I love the tire tread soles (they still look like tire treads… really groovy)!

  6. christal says:

    the eco sneaks line uses leather. the green toe line doesn’t. with free shipping and sustainable options, right now simple is a good choice. but there are others…. check out moo shoes.

  7. eleanor says:

    Nice shoes, but I think that people, a.k.a humans are part of the natural environment
    and deserve protecting too. Simple shoes, and the mega corporation which owns the brand, Deckers, do way too much manufacturing in third world nations for my liking.
    One shoe company no one’s mentioned here that’s definitely caught my eye as a Green nut is Yellow Port – http://www.yellowport.ca. Anybody else like their stuff or know a little more about them?

  8. Melinda says:

    Just discovered your blog and was perusing through the old posts. Mooshoes.com has all vegan shoes, belts, & handbags. Love them!

  9. Jonathan says:

    Saw those Simple shoes in ROOTS today – made me almost puke.
    I’ve always had a problem with the way ROOTS tries to come off as such a
    “Canadian” institution when in reality, their domestic manufacturing is grotesquely
    minute compared to what they produce overseas. And now with their phony
    eco store in downtown TO and love-in with Decker outdoor corporation (ie. Simple shoes), it’s just another insult to our intelligence and integrity as consumers. If they gave a rat’s ass about the environment, they’d have been respectful of it 30 years ago when they were starting out! They wouldn’t have dumped millions upon millions of litres of chromium contaminated waste from their leather concerns into third world water systems and they wouldn’t be flogging some footwear juggernaut’s fake green products 6000 miles from where the kids that make them live and die. If you truly want to save this planet, start by subtracting your buying power from the corporations that got us into this mess in the first place.

  10. A fan says:

    I got the Simple Coos Toe shoes and they are wonderful! Lightweight and comfortable and you get the satisfaction of not polluting the earth with every single step. The recyclable box is just as they claim – state-of-the art. I highly recommend this company and their products.

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