Crap, crap and more crap

Just thought I’d pass on a link to this story in the San Francisco Chronicle about the new Neosporin travel tote — another one of these horrid gimmicks marketers insist on creating for absolutely no reason. It’s as though they’re sitting there thinking, “Hmm… how can we possibly waste more plastic? I know! We’ll tell consumers they need a miniature plastic pouch in which to carry their petroleum-based ointments!”

Anyway, the author, Chris Colin, passed it on to me, thinking my readers might get a kick out of it. And because I can’t resist anyone with a first name for a last name, I decided to post it.

I think the worst part is that most doctors have actually stopped recommending stuff like Polysporin or Neosporin because these products have been shown to either do nothing or, worse yet, actually interfere with the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

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  1. emily says:

    Does anybody know what Johnson and Johnson address we can write to, to ask them NOT to produce idiotic trash? I’d be willing to pen a letter saying I’ll boycott until they use minimal packaging, and until they stip shipping across the whole wide Pacific.

    Lucky for me, though, I don’t get scraped up or sick too often, and I have no children to keep “whole.” So I can boycott them. Say, what eco-friendly ointments and decongestants (besides tea) do people use? Is there a good, reliable brand out there for those of us who don’t concoct things ourselves?

  2. pat farquharson says:

    According to my dermatology information Polysporin and Neosporin have high rates of allergic reactions and the petroleum base retards healing.
    The wound should be cleaned thoroughly and then covered with a non stick dressing and occluded. The best for small wounds are the expensive see through gel-like dressings that stay on and left on until the wound has healed. If the wound gets infected then Bactroban cream can be used (antibiotic) which is sometimes on prescription. (depends on province/state)
    If you dont want to use decongestants then use the new nasal saline rinses that squirt up the nose.

  3. instatick says:

    Speaking of things that are totally useless and wasteful, I recently saw in some woman’s magazine a little article about the joy of disposable underwear and how great they are for “that time of the month.” A quick google search brought me 190,000 results for disposable underwear, with many of them saying every woman should stash a pair in her purse just in case.

    What a great idea…oh, except for the fact that the liners in them take 2,000 years to decompose.

    I think people have run out of good items and have not started inventing absolutely useless crap.

  4. Chile says:

    A neti pot works well (and is a re-usable non-plastic container) for clearing out nasal gunk. You can also make your own cough syrup with ingredients in your kitchen: Dice an onion, place in a strainer over a bowl, and sprinkle heavily with sugar, Use the syrup that drips out as cough syrup. It does not taste as bad as it sounds. 🙂

  5. SuzeeM says:

    If you really want to talk about products that are useless and wasteful – have a child. I’m 6 months pregnant and out of curiousity more then anything I stopped by a Babies ‘R’ Us recently. I overheard this conversation between 2 women, which I can only assume were compiling a registry.

    “You really need to get this electric baby wipe warmer”
    “Babies hate it when you wipe their bottoms with cold wipes”
    “Can’t I just warm it in my hands?”
    “It doesn’t work like that!”

    It’s amazing the amount of crap they try to convince you is “needed”. I’m possibly a very naive first time mother but the way I see it babies need – breastmilk, shelter and love. Apart from safety products, everything else is nice but not a necessity. Now, I’ve got to get a list together for my baby shower… ugh.

  6. NYGreen says:

    SuzeeM- Why don’t you ask people to give money to some organization or your kids future college fund, or only pick green products or something like that. You don’t *have* to give in to things you don’t believe in.

    A tote for Neosporin is ridiculous. It comes in a metal tube, how’s that not totable? Effing idiots.

  7. Harvey and Bradley (new hubby’s last name) = first names. We love you too.

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