My lap wins with napkins (Day 181)…


… Cloth napkins, that is, because as of today I won’t be using anymore disposable paper napkins whether at home or at a restaurant. I’ve got my own organic cotton one that I’ll be keeping in my purse at all times, ready to catch errant sandwich crumbs during lunch, wipe my bicycle seat dry if it’s been raining or wave goodbye to my true love on a train platform as he presses his hand against the window. Or something like that.

Photo courtesy of Wade From Oklahoma on Flickr

9 Responses to My lap wins with napkins (Day 181)…

  1. Pretty says:

    And now you are the classsiest ever also.

  2. Theresa says:

    I just love seeing what new thing you will be doing each day! It is so nice to have some Canadian links to follow as well – I’ve found a bunch of new Canadian green companies because of your website. I’ve recently started carrying a cloth napkin (a washcloth actually) around with me in my purse too – just like my mom used to do when we were small. Very handy!

    I’m not sure if you’ve done this already, but we’ve stopped buying plastic clothes hangers and have returned to using wooden ones with metal hooks. I’d forgotten how nicely things hang on wooden hangers.

  3. alottaerrata says:

    You know, it never occured to me to bring the cloth napkin *with me* places. (in the voices of those guiness guys) BRILLIANT!

  4. ClareSnow says:

    When you’re waving farewell to your true love as the train pulls away, don’t you use your prettily embroided handkerchief 🙂 that one you embroided yourself!

  5. Marcie says:

    I love reading your new green-ways each day! I follow the link from my own blog to yours and look forward to when you post! Thank you for being such a devoted Blogger to your cause!
    I have found many useful ideas and hope that maybe one day my blog can be as good as yours!!
    Keep the ideas coming & I’ll be back tomorrow for Day #180!!!!

    ps. I have a cloth napkin @ work so I no longer have to use the paper towels here in my non-green work enviroment!

  6. Francesca says:

    Great blog, Vanessa… I read you everyday. When I was a child, we each had own own napkin rings to identify the napkin we used at the table until it needed to be washed. You don’t see anyone using napkin rings anymore. Oh, ours were silver and given to us as baby gifts. No plastic there.

  7. Luis says:

    Great post!

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  8. Krestort says:

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