A nod to Nàdarra (Day 184)…

nadarraIf there is any product I have a complete and total I-would-KILL-Mother-Nature-for-this dependence on, it’s face cream. Wrinkle cream, firming cream, freckle-fading cream, bronzing cream — anything that promises to magically transform my visage into something resembling a slightly paler, more Canadian-looking J.Lo always makes its way into my shopping basket.

I’ve been pretty good recently about not buying any face cream, and it’s been fine because it’s summer and my skin doesn’t get as dry. But fall is just around the corner and my current miracle cream of choice, Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect, is running out. So when my friend Jacob told me he ran into this girl Julia, who we both went to high school with, and who was now making her own line of natural skincare products here in Toronto, I knew I had to track her down.

Turns out it’s called Nàdarra, the Gaelic word for natural, and is available both online as well as within biking distance of my apartment. I searched through my drawers to see if I had any reusable containers first, because if there was some way to refill a jar rather than use a new one, I’d obviously do that — but I really couldn’t find anything.

So I dropped the $30 on a fresh new bottle, then dropped Julia an email asking if there would be any way I could refill that one when I run out — and yes, I’ll definitely try to keep using this product because it feels great on my skin and gives me even greater peace of mind knowing there aren’t any synthetic chemicals in it.

Thus, from this day on, only 100% natural face cream.

One Response to A nod to Nàdarra (Day 184)…

  1. pat farquharson says:

    seeing as you are on your bike everyday, what will you do about sunscreen? (thinking about wrinkles and freckles here).

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