No TP for pee pee (Day 191)…

TP roll

The original plan for this challenge was to be all about the small changes. There are plenty of other green bloggers going to extremes, like No Impact Man or EnviroWoman, but the whole point of my project is that it’s geared towards the average person, not the Dalai Lama (but hey, D-to-the-L, if you’re reading this — rock on!).

That said, thinking up 365 ways to lessen my ecological footprint isn’t exactly easy, and at this point I’ve already resorted to fairly drastic measures — unplugging the fridge, not using my oven, chopping off my hair, constructing a compost bin from scratch, etc.

So after emailing Colin incessantly, convincing him to reveal to me the all-too-personal details of his TP-free lifestyle, then stumbling upon Crunchy’s cloth-wipe challenge, I’ve decided today’s move will be more like a half-step towards something bigger: I’m going to eliminate toilet paper.

For now, it’ll be for #1, as I can’t quite handle doing it for #2 (especially not as I’m going to be interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal and shaking his Oscar-worthy hand today), but it’ll happen a little further down the road.

In place of toilet paper, I’ll be using a squirty water bottle, doing a quick rinse and then, well, pretty much shaking my booty dry. Maybe I’ll even bring a boombox into the bathroom and play some Rihanna tunes so it could be like a mini dance party!

Or… um… not.

Image of recycled TP roll courtesy of Grassroots

26 Responses to No TP for pee pee (Day 191)…

  1. Hellcat13 says:

    You’re a better woman than I.

  2. Rachel says:

    eeeeeeeh that is a little too over the top for me. I’m happy with my recycled toilet paper

  3. 5 years ago I had a room mate from Mozambique. She used vinegar to clean the floor and newspaper to clean the windows and rarely used dish detergent. I didn’t get it. And then there was the mysterious plastic cup and wash cloth in the bathroom (my friend’s affectionately referred to it as the Vag Rag). Now it all makes sense. She was just ahead of our time… or just never complicated her life as much as we have done.

  4. Mary says:

    Okay… Here’s the deal…


    As I’ve mentioned I work in some off the wall parts of the world (well by US standards at least)
    It is not at all uncommon to find a bathroom that is only a hole in the floor. In some places, there wasn’t even ANY toilet paper!! (AAAIIGGG!!! WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO???)

    But, I finally summoned the courage to ask my assistant what the deal is. He (yes he) told me they just use water. This is in a part of the world with out a lot of trees, so it sort of started to make sense. He went on to tell me that they always use water and feel much fresher as a result. He thinks using TP is sort of gross and like just smearing “it” around.

    Since that conversation, I joined the band wagon. In many restrooms there is a small hand held kitchen sink type spigot/extendable hose. Or one built into the back of the toilet.

    Let me tell you! It cools, it cleans and it refreshes.

    And you can’t beat that with a stick!

    You GO GIRL!! (hee hee hee)

  5. chile says:

    Way to go, Vanessa! I’ve been using cloth for #1 since Crunchy’s Low Impact Week challenge. It’s easy to manage. I did it dirt cheap as well by just cutting up an old towel into squares. I bought another couple of towels in the same color from a thrift store this week. Yesterday they were washed and disinfected. I’ve already cut one up this morning. The last step, which I didn’t do before, is to see if I can keep the edges from fraying by zigzag sewing with my MIL’s machine. If I never comment here again, it’s because I’ve sewed my fingers together.

    PS: I’m with you on not being ready for #2 cloth yet…

  6. Hey! Nice! I’m not exactly ready for #2 yet myself, but I’m glad to have you on board.

  7. Catherine says:

    How very brave! Good luck…

  8. Sandy says:


    I’m still waiting for Crunchy to convince me. I’m listening….I’m reading….I’m using recycled TP….

    I’m just not…umm, that advanced?

    I still haven’t gotten over the trauma of you getting rid of your blow dryer. Get rid of the car? Fine. Unplug your fridge? Fine. But your blow dryer?

    Now this.

    Rock on.

  9. emma says:

    yikes!!! that’s hardcore. Soon you’ll be sharing sophies litterbox 🙂

  10. pat farquharson says:

    Did you use the blowdryer today for Jake?
    O.K. please stop there with the toilet paper!
    No hands or rags on poopoo. PLEASE! No!

    What happens if you are not at home? Are you carrying the waterbottle? Oh right, you have the one that you drink from. That should work!

  11. gettinggreen says:

    Hahaha — YES, mum, I actually maxed-out my entire week’s worth of blow-drying time for Jake (but it was totally worth it; he was so dreamy, and then later at the press conference he found me in the crowd, pointed at me and winked… *sigh*).

    Tomorrow, it’s back to bad hair…

  12. Yay! Good for you. I went to cloth in mid-July. I love it! I wrote a blog about it back then.

  13. susanna eve says:

    I can see doing this one day. I use cloth menstrual pads and when my kids were in diapers, as well as cloth diapers, i used washcloths that I then washed for cleaning up after poopy diapers. I had friends years ago who lived in a house where there was a bucket of water in the bathroom next to a stack of cloth squares. The bucket of water was for used cloths.

  14. kim says:

    good stuff. it’s actually a lot cleaner to wash yourself instead of using toilet paper.
    on a side note: i finally realized why NIM’s post in regards to the bidet is so one-sided; he must have gotten his info from wiki or something. because he completely forgot to mention that this is a common custom for muslims, for whom it is required to wash up every time they use the bathroom.

  15. girlanddog says:

    Oh… wow. That would be something I couldn’t do. I do the whole “if it’s yellow let it mellow” approach in my apartment, but not using TP? Yikes, you’re brave!

  16. designonpost says:

    Women in the US use a squirt bottle of warm water to rinse off after giving birth when wiping hurts just too much.

  17. Sarah says:

    I am in awe of you Vanessa.

  18. FancyMomma says:

    Great idea…I may try this (at home anyways). I can just dump a glass of water over my hoo-hoo, and dry it with my bath towel hanging on the door.

  19. […] generalization, men usually have an abundance of old t-shirts)!  Switch to using cloth napkins!  Give up TP for #1! (um, but don’t look at us here at TC for that one… yet, anyway…) Click […]

  20. northernpirate says:

    A thought on washing those little cloths I call “spiffies”. After making use of the “pissoir” you wash your hands, every time. Right? Right. For a #1 spiffie just wash that little sucker as you wash and rinse your hands. It’s just a bit of pee so you wash it right away and you’re done. A sponge kept close by can be used for any more complicated cleanups. You of course use some water but I think this system is a smart and not wasteful use of a natural resource. Old pretty flannel nighties cut into small swatches makes it all more do-able.

  21. neomyth says:

    a question to anyone who doesn’t use tp for number 2s – what do you do when people come over? Do you have stand by toilet paper?

    I wouldn’t at all mind using a squirty bottle for number 1s, but I’m pretty sure my other half and son would hit the roof – even though it would be no big change for then anyway.

  22. […] originally ran across this idea on Vanessa’s blog Green as a Thistle; post “No tp for pee pee“, and thought it would be an excellent undertaking for myself. I know the thought will […]

  23. […] TP. Ok now, I have not reached the extreme that others have and stopped using TP or started using spray bottles or washable cloth wipes.  For now, we’re just buying recycled toilet paper and using in […]

  24. peacedog says:

    this is great! i don’t use TP for peeps either; i just let my snoochie drip-dry. i use
    poo rags for #2. fun!

  25. Chadek says:

    Great idea thank you so much to this post

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