Frank sense in Vita-Myr (Day 193)…


Like most people, I do as my dentist tells me and brush at least twice a day. But now that it’s the busiest part of the film festival and I’m running around, shoving random bits of food into my mouth instead of meals, then going for hours without eating anything, I’ll often find that my breath isn’t so minty fresh.

After swearing off gum and really not wanting to pack a tube of toothpaste or sprig of parsley into my purse, I began looking for other solutions.

Eventually, I concluded that a small container of mouthwash would do the trick. But whenever I use stuff like Listerine, it always feels like I’m about to get an aneurysm — it’s so intense and leaves my tongue feeling all tingly (in a really unexciting way).

Then I found a natural brand, which happens to come in travel-size containers, called Vita-Myr. It’s much less painful, due to the fact that it uses distilled water instead of alcohol as its base, and is combined with friendly bacteria-fighting agents like folic acid, zinc, myrrh and cloves.

Now all it’ll take to get fresh breath is a discreet gargle and spit, and I’ll be ready for all the celebrities who try to kiss me (yeah, right).

3 Responses to Frank sense in Vita-Myr (Day 193)…

  1. Lynn says:

    Might want to get the travel size containers once then refill them from a larger bottle – reducing waste while staying minty fresh…

  2. cherrytreegirl says:

    Have you bought this in Toronto, or do i need to order it online?

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