Do not disturb my green living (Day 204)…

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As I’ve mentioned, I’m currently enrolled in this writing program at the Banff Centre, which is commendably eco-friendly when it comes to accommodation. But there are still daily housekeeping rounds, which means that while they may not change all my towels and linens, they will empty my garbage, replace semi-used toilettries, vacuum and so on — none of which really needs doing.

So to make sure the staff don’t come in and start undoing all my attempts at conservation, I’m going to leave the Do Not Disturb sign hanging on my door for the entire week, whether or not I’m in my room — and this will apply for every hotel I’m staying at in the future, too.

Unfortunately, the housekeeping staff here is for some bizarre reason comprised of handsome young men (seriously, I’m going to take a picture at some point because they look so ridiculously out of place with their athletic good looks … and pushcarts stacked with toilet paper).

If only there were some sort of sign that said “Do Not Clean Room — But Feel Free to Come In For a Drink!”

Photo above from my hotel room in Madrid this summer

15 Responses to Do not disturb my green living (Day 204)…

  1. senseofbalance says:

    I have tried this before for other (not Green) reasons – like wanting to nap in the middle of the day. Hotel staff will tell you that having your “Do Not Disturb” sign constantly up reflects on them, as it looks as if you don’t want to trust them with your possessions, and they get into trouble with their supervisors. I suggest that you let them off the leash when you’re out, even if you have to be a bit unGreen on these occasions.

  2. LG Adam says:

    If senseofbalance is right, you could just leave them a note inside your room explaining things?

  3. anna banana says:

    or maybe an “it’s not you, it’s me” note on the Do Not Disturb sign? 😉

  4. emma says:

    haha or “Do not make bed, just get in it”

  5. Cstars says:

    You may even want to let the front desk know your preferences. That way, they might start offering all of their guests the option of lighter housekeeping services, and it won’t reflect badly on the staff.

  6. Sandy says:


    I once stayed at Lake Louise (which isn’t far from Banff). I gotta tell you, I was stunned, amazingly so, at all the good looking men in the area. I was like what the hell do they put in the water here? They were everywhere!

    Handsome, athletic, attentive — between that and the majestic beauty that is the Canadian Rockies I thought I had found my own little slice of heaven!

    Thanks for the memories. (sigh) Maybe it’s time to plan a vacation….

  7. cheaplikeme says:

    “Bitte Molesten”?

    I second the suggestion of giving housekeeping a call to explain why …

  8. vigilant20 says:

    I’m disturbed that there could be molesten happening if you don’t hang up the sign!

  9. So when we are living in the wilds of Puerto Rico as bunk mates, I’ll be sure to leave rain forest bits and all it’s inhabitants outside our room. Working on your new room sign as we speak. Though I have added in “and bring a friend who likes petite brunettes”. Miss you. M

  10. gettinggreen says:

    Miss you too, Cookie! Actually — I should have mentioned, an administrator here informed us all that housekeeping staff won’t be offended or anything if we leave the DND sign up the whole time because we’re all artists in residence and they know we need our privacy to be all creative and stuff… so I don’t feel so bad.

  11. Kristine says:

    I am absolutely laughing at some of the previous comments (and here I thought the good looking guys were in Ontario!). I’ve made a note to visit the area. 🙂

    Privacy via artistry and creativity is a wonderful approach. Good luck with your writing course (although I must say your writing is quite charming as it is). I’m really enjoying your green journey, Vanessa.

    P.S. I went to the Green Dimes website (yes, I’m still catching up on earlier posts) and want to sign up for the service. I noticed referrals get credit for new members — would you like to make a quick $5 or plant some more trees? Drop me a note if so.

  12. emily says:

    I think that’s a great idea. I had a frustrating, yet somehow funny, experience in a Madrid hotel back in January. I had a tiny bar of surprisingly good hotel soap with me, in my travel-soapdish. But I left the dish open in the shower on my first day, so it was emptied. The next day I used one of the tiny soaps they provided, leaving it in the soapdish, only to have it emptied again. So then I finally started closing the soapdish, and they left it alone! I avoided 5 more new bars of soap that way. The way I sat around thinking about how to avoid having it thrown out, you’d guess that what I’d brought with me was English-milled, highland-lavendar-whatever stuff, not just a cheap freebee.

  13. Going out anywhere seems to make any attempts at green living slip right out. I bet if you talked with the management you might plant a seed in their heads to offer more green friendly options. 🙂

  14. Morgan says:

    You’re hilarious! I lived in Banff for a year right after graduation from high school…and you seriously take any job you can find there that offers accomodations! I had a pretty crappy job, but it allowed me to snowboard and hike for about 10 hours a day!

    Enjoy your time there:)

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