Hit and swish (Day 234)…

I never feel like doing any massive green changes on the weekend, so from now on I think I’ll have an ongoing Simple Saturday feature — something everyone can do to lessen their footprint with minimal effort.

Here, then, is the first in this series, a move I like to call the hit-and-swish: Every time you come to the end of the shampoo bottle, the last drop of soy milk in the carton or the final scrapings in the almond butter jar, make sure to add a bit of water, give it a few taps and swish it around to get every last bit of the stuff out before tossing it in the garbage (or recycling it, or rinsing it out and reusing it).

If it’s soap or shampoo, a little water and a few shakes will produce enough suds for at least another couple uses; if it’s something like milk, you can do the same and pour it into a smoothie; and for nut butters or any other sticky condiment, a tiny bit of water, or even some coconut oil will help get all those crusty bits off the side, and with some stirring they’ll probably amount to at least another tablespoon of goodness.

So from now on, before I rinse anything out or throw it in the trash, I’m going to make extra certain I’ve used every last bit of what was inside.

7 Responses to Hit and swish (Day 234)…

  1. donna says:

    good idea! I’m joining you. I do this in a hit and miss kind of a way but from now on I will make a more concerted effort and try and convince other half do the same!

  2. Chile says:

    This is a hard concept for me to get through my sweetie’s head. He tried to toss an “empty” bottle of tasty Lizano sauce a couple of weeks ago and really heard about it. The bottle sat in the fridge until this week, when I rinsed it out into a crockpot soup for flavor. Yummy!

    Now if I can get him to quit throwing away the toothpaste tube when there’s still a week’s supply left in there to dig out with the back end of the tweezers….

  3. blah says:

    I always do this with ketchup. I make sure the cap is on really REALLY well, and then I hold it and sort of do this whirlly-bird action with my arm so that gravity pushes every last drop out from the bottom of the bottle.

    BTW, I don’t know how often you wash your hair, but I have to do it daily. However, I’ve decided that at least one day a week (preferably on Saturday or Sunday when I am not going anywhere except the grocery store) that I will only get my hair wet in the shower.

  4. Jenna says:

    As much as I hate to confess to watching Rachael Ray – the eternally perky – I DO like the fact she has started giving “Last of the Jar” recipes for a lot of products. Quick shakes, sauces, and smoothies made by tossing a few items into an almost empty jar and giving to all a vigorous shake (lid on, of course).

    Her idea of an icecream topping using the last of the peanut butter and a last gasp of chocolate syrup? Brilliant.

  5. Hellcat13 says:

    Hee…my sig. other was just teasing me about this the other day, as I threw some water into the almost empty laundry detergent jug…not that I was doing it, but rather that I was exactly like his mother, who does the same thing 🙂

    I also use a spatula to get every last bit of PB out of the jar. Makes rinsing for recycling much easier, too. Less water gone to waste.

  6. Leah Ingram says:

    I’ve been doing the hit and swish thing since I was a kid! My mother, an eternal Yankee, taught me this. I hit and swish shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, dishwahing detergent, laundry detergent, even jars of spaghetti sauce (but don’t tell my husband. He of Italian descent would freak if he knew his gravy was watered down). Like Hellcat13 I use a spatula to completely clean out the PB jar, and I do the same with a spatula when making muffins, cakes or anything else that’s mixed in a bowl and then poured out.

    Leah Ingram

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