A green Halloween, part two (Day 245)…


As promised, today is part two of my mission to green Halloween (which is today, for those of you who don’t live in North America, where we like to dress up). Previously, I wrote about consuming every last bit of the pumpkin I carved up at a friend’s house. Now, I feel the need to address the costumes and the candy — and don’t worry, I promise not to be too much of a kill-joy, because there’s really nothing I love more than kids wearing pirate outfits and going mental for mini Snickers bars.

Anyway, my dear Treehugging friend Lloyd Alter was on the local news recently talking about this holiday and made a bunch of useful suggestions: giving out organic lollipops and fair-trade chocolate (homemade treats are still a little taboo, it seems), using pillow cases instead of plastic bags, and decorating with old milk jugs and tin cans.

Costume-wise, I was inclined to go as David Suzuki and download this creepy mask of him, but unfortunately that would involve using paper and printing ink. Then I thought maybe it would be best to go all Adam Sandler and be something like About to Sneeze Man — easy, quick, no carbon impact, and I’d get to yell, “Look at me, with my face all squished up like I’m about to sneeze! Before I do, you better gimme some candy!”

But then the five-year-olds probably wouldn’t get it, and their parents would think I’m just copping out. So, I don’t know. I haven’t quite figured what I’ll be wearing tonight, but it’ll definitely be something assembled from the clothes and props I already have.

Also, I never really get many kids coming to my door because I live in a condo. But if they do, then I can offer them a half-eaten bar of fair-trade chocolate or some cabbage from my CSA delivery last Friday!

And decoration-wise, I have a few ghost-shaped candle holders sitting in the back of a kitchen drawer somewhere, so I’ll probably just reuse those and stick some beeswax tea lights in them.

I guess it’s easy for me to green my Halloween because I don’t have any kids, nor a helpless puppy like this one, I don’t really like wearing masks, capes and/or wigs, and don’t have much of a sweet tooth. But if you guys have any of your own suggestions, feel free to share!

12 Responses to A green Halloween, part two (Day 245)…

  1. Erin says:

    ROFL! I had forgotten all about those Adam Sandler costume ideas until you wrote about it! Thanks for making me laugh!!

  2. Ann says:

    You should go as a “treehugger”. Put on a dark sweatshirt rub up against a tree to get some bark shavings on it and then attach some leaves in your hair and to the shirt. That was one of my ideas.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Emma says:

    hahah YA TREE HUGGER. then carry a fire log with you with the nametag ‘Log” on it….
    “it’s loooog loooog it’s big it’s heavy it’s wood. it’s looog loooog it’s better than bad it’s good! Everyone loves a log, you’re gunna love a log, come on and get your log. log log log!”

  4. blah says:

    Maybe instead of thinking tree hugger-ish for your costume, try thinking “poor”. I hate to say that, but when I was little my family had ZERO money, especially for things like Halloween. I used a pillowcase because it was cheaper than a plastic pumpkin, and my costume (I was a clown), was a hand – me – down from either the thrift store or my neighbor (I can’t remember, I was 5). My mom didn’t have a lot of money to spend on the clown makeup so we got creative with lipstick and powder. Granted, it’s no fun trying to get giant circles of red lipstick off of your nose, mouth and cheeks, but I bet it was a lot more environmentally friendly than some of the others.

    Of course, the most environmentally friendly costume is probably that of Eve, but I don’t think you should answer the door.

  5. Chile says:

    Cheap, easy, reusable costume idea: Wear a big black plastic bag and claim to be a moose dropping. It really works best if you can get a group of people to do it. When you stand together, you are officially a “pellet group”.

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  7. Meghan says:

    You had better think of something good- otherwise it will be left in the hands of my family- and since you ar eon the non-complaining streak… well. I think you get where I’m going with this.

  8. Sense of Balance says:

    If you go as a Canadian politician – ANY Canadian politician – you can dress in your everyday clothes, which is the Greenest alternative of all. (Go on, name me ONE Canadian politician who has a distinctive personality.)

  9. Molly says:

    I’m not as green as you all, not even close! But, Halloween gives us the opportunity to shop thrift stores for all sorts of silliness. My 14 year old son found a womans blouse and faux suede pants for his Aragorn costume, 11 year old daughter found the perfect brown skirt with turquoise, black and white ric rac on it for her gypsy outfit. I think it cost me $8 for all of it. I’m re-using a bridesmaids dress left by my ex-sister-in-law when she left my brother. It is black satin with spaghetti straps and beautiful organza overlay skirt. Paired with a wonderful cape that dressy short skirt that a good friend was going to throw out, I have the perfect witch/dark fairy costume! For two years I was “the dead prom queen” and once I was a vampire. Same dress, different looks.

  10. Judith says:

    I know I’m way late (sorry) and I hope you had fun, whatever you were, but I wanted to share my Halloween costume. This year, for our Halloween dance party, I had a last minute inspiration to go as “plastic waste”. I had a basic black costume, did identity-obscuring things with my hair and face (mask, black lipstick), and tied a plastic bag around my waist like a belt. Plastic waist. The best part (besides the fact that no one recognized me, not even my husband!) was the lines I got to draw out of it: I’d tell someone, “Yes, you know me, plastic waste? I’m cheap, convenient, and easy.” , “You don’t care about me! You just take me for granted and toss me aside!”, “You know you love to hate me.” etc., etc. I had fun with it!

  11. Esme says:

    I’ve resolved from now on to not hand out cheap plastic wrapped candy, but rather, to find environmentally-friendly art and craft things and hand them out instead. When I was a kid, real toys and craft supplies absolutely topped the list of ‘best trick or treat loot’! They always caused an ‘ooooo!’moment with the kids. They even beat out full size chocolate bars!

  12. Regina says:

    Since I have 2 kids, and they love the dress up part of Halloween, I have insisted on making their costumes every year. They usually consist of regular thrift clothes fixed up into something or its all handmade items. This year I made costume out of handmade pajamas. Take off all the accessories and they are comfy, cozy and ready for bed! I also only use handmade decor that I re-use every year.

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