First past the Post-It (Day 246)…


Did any of you ever see Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion? Remember how Michele (Lisa Kudrow, in her prime) had this whole made-up story she was going to tell about how she invented the Post-It note, and then it totally backfired? Haha, that was great.

Sorry, I know, one too many pop culture references for a green blog.

Anyway, there’s no question that everyone likes Post-It notes. You can write a single idea, message, picture or phone number on that little piece of happy yellow paper, then put it up where you can see it and take it down when you no longer need it — all without the complication of thumb tacks, staples, tape or scissors. They also make great bookmarks, or sometimes even art installations.

But they also encourage wasting paper — what’s written on a Post-It can often be written down in a day planner, or entered on a cell phone or PDA, or simply remembered. There’s also the issue of that thin layer of glue on the back, which seems to be recyclable in most cases (although those plastic sticky tabs are not).

Either way, I’m going to try not to use any more Post-It notes, and instead try to find smaller bits of scrap paper, extra space in my homework book (sorry, my planner, whatever) or just use the back of my hand.

World Famous Drawing on a Post-It note courtesy of this guy

15 Responses to First past the Post-It (Day 246)…

  1. KarlaM says:

    If you don’t want to give up your Post-It notes, 3M has a great program for your computer that allows you to write on Post-It notes and they sit on your desktop ( That way there is no paper or waste and every time you look at your desktop you get your reminder! Now if only they had heart or star shaped digital notes…

  2. emily says:

    I use a mac and have a free program already on the hard drive: Stickies. Just discovered it yesterday! It’s working out well.

  3. emma says:

    those instilations are AWESOME! They would make the perfect ad!

  4. dahlia says:

    as a girl with a great love for writing things on wee scraps of paper, i started cutting up anything only printed on one side and keeping a pile of scraps on my desk. no more buyings post-its or notepads, just reuse before recycling.

  5. Rachel says:

    I’ve been trying to green up my workplace, but post-its are one of the things I haven’t quite gotten rid of – I’ve tried tape and scrap paper when I have to stick a note on something that’s being passed on to someone else, but the tape leaves sticky residue that drives everyone crazy. I’m still looking, though!

  6. Leit says:

    At my office everyone has an extra tray where we put once printed paper that we can then turn over and use as scrap paper before sending off to the recycle bin thus squeezing every inch of writable surface out of every sheet.

  7. I keep scrap paper around rather than use post-its as well. For those times when I really “need” the flexibility of a post-it sticky, I apply post-it glue to my scrap paper. Rachel, this might work for you too!

  8. chile says:

    I’m not willing to admit how long I’ve been out of college, but I’m still using some of the paper from those days. I have a large stack of flat unfolded sheets that I can use in the printer. Ones with folds or holes punched in them are cut up for small reminder notes and shopping lists. Now the problem is remembering to toss them in recycling (or compost) once they are out-dated. They are little pieces of paper all over my house!

  9. Snowbug says:

    Post-it use must continue. If only because they are the backdrop for my favorite comic… Savage Chickens – a sanity saver if ever there was one.

  10. Stella DeGree says:

    Green Cat, what is this post-it glue that you mentioned? You can make any paper a post-it? Intriguing.

    I don’t use post-its very often now that I’m a teacher and not an office worker, but I LOVED them when I worked in an office.

  11. Green Bean says:

    I use the backs of receipts – I know you took a pledge to stop accepting them and, while I try to not, I figure if it is already printed out, it’s easier for me to take it home, use it as scrap paper and then recycle it. 🙂

  12. donna says:

    my life seems to be run by a series of postit notes! i cut them in half before i use them or write really small so i can get several “to do “items on there at the same time. i also use the backs, so i don’t think its too bad, as i’m making the most of the space.

  13. lavenderlady says:

    I think post-a-notes serve a purpose for those who have a hard time getting organized. I understand what you are saying, but I still use them for my GED students to help them learn how to get organized. perhaps when they get there we can graduate to scraps of paper.

  14. amanda says:

    try used envelopes for scrap paper and larger pages for the printer
    to keep the small papers organized, you can fashion a nice notepad with a hole punch and those ring hooks

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