Another this instead of that (Day 249)…


I know, it’s totally lame of me to toss out a one-line post in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, but while I’m more than comfortable going into the details of menstrual cups, I just can’t elaborate when it comes to my romantic life.

So, much like my previous this-instead-of-that, I’m going to simply say that I’ll be switching from brands like Trojan and Durex to something like Beyond Seven, whenever the need arises (crap, bad choice of words).

Compared to the other options available of this particular prophylactic, Beyond Seven offers a product that’s naturally lubricated with aloe and they’re very open about their manufacturing process (you can get a funny visual tour of the factory — yes, there are full-time condom testers — over here).

Funny condom/peace imagery courtesy of Beyond Seven


14 Responses to Another this instead of that (Day 249)…

  1. Isle Dance says:

    I hesitate to comment, but people should know that Beyond Seven products are superior in additional ways, all of which they’ll have to discover on their own! :o)

  2. ashley says:

    kudos for mentioning this! i feel like much of the “green” movement fails to acknowledge environmentally friendly methods of birth control. we personally use Natural Family Planning (free and NOTHING to throw away! :)) thanks for being open enough to talk about it!

  3. teaspoon says:

    Natural Family planning isn’t a very good option for many people. My sister is quite religious and uses natural family planning. She’s pregnant now with her 6th child, and every one has been an accident.

    You should edit your post to mention that you can put your info down on the website for Beyond Seven and they’ll send you free samples! 😉

  4. SP says:

    So I have a question, here does one find this wonder product? I don’t recall seeing Beyond 7 at Shoppers on my last perusal of the condom aisle.

  5. pat says:

    Why would you want aloe in your vagina?

  6. hateration says:

    I actually had the same question about the aloe; I mean, there is lot’s of neat stuff out there in the world, but not all of it needs to go in my vagina. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of lube?

  7. emily says:

    I have no experience with putting aloe there, but why not? It’s made from organic matter, not from petroleum; it moisturizes; and it’s actually so good at healing the skin that it helps me more for sunburns than anything else does or can (and I burn a lot). Maybe I’ll try it as a lube, too…

  8. hateration says:

    The thing about the vagina is, for the most part, it just likes to be left alone. It’s self-cleaning, is sensitive to change and isn’t like a skin surface you would usually use aloe to heal. I mean, even washing your vagina with the naturelest of all natural soaps is a nono.

    I don’t mean to be argumentative; maybe aloe is a vagina’s new best friend. I’m just saying, organic or not, think twice about what goes up there.

    Actually, that is just a good rule to live by!

  9. gettinggreen says:

    Omg, can we stop saying the word vagina?! Hahaha, seriously though, I fear that after the v-word is mentioned five times on a blog, the spammers just start targeting it! Actually, it’s mostly just funny because I never thought I’d ever find my own mother writing about vaginas on a blog post about aloe-coated condoms. Oy vey.

  10. emily says:

    You should go hear / see the Vagina Monologues next Valentine’s Day! (At least, that was when it got performed when I was in college…)

  11. SP says:

    And people lets not forget that Aloe is very very common allergen. Have you ever had an allergic reaction of this sort before. Not nice.

  12. Amanda says:

    I would approach the aloe lube on these condoms just as I would with any other potential “personal lube”. Do your homework before you use it and talk to your doctor, ob/gyn, or midwife if you have any doubts. 🙂

  13. susanna eve says:

    i am one of those people who is very allergic to aloe. I have a topical reaction when it touches any of my skin, i can’t imagine what it would be like to have really sensitive skin in contact with aloe.

  14. HoorayParade says:

    i just wanted to say that i was so excited about the beyond seven condom i sent off for a sample only to get it already opened.
    i have emailed them about it and still no reply.
    its a shame, really
    i hope i hear from them soon.

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