The environment can’t afford to be picky (Day 250)…


The other night, at a party, my friend and I were loitering around the food table because we didn’t feel like dancing. After stuffing various victuals in our mouths, she went to grab a toothpick and offered me one. I grinned and asked if I had any stuff in my teeth — she said no — so I declined.

This is, I’m realizing, precisely what any eco-minded person would do. It’s become a natural reaction for me now; unless I really, truly need to use something, I just don’t.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to use this as my green change for today! Yup, no toothpicks it is. I have my vegan-waxed floss if I really need to dig something out of my chompers, as well as some natural mouthwash, and if I’m desperate there’s always my fingernails.

There are some environmentally friendly toothpick options out there: Preserve has a line of them made from sustainably harvested birch, and you can get bamboo ones, too. However, it’s always better to reduce, so that’s what I’ll be doing (but please do tell me if I’ve got broccoli in between my teeth).

Photo of multicoloured toothpicks from this photog on Flickr

3 Responses to The environment can’t afford to be picky (Day 250)…

  1. yay! 250… that is some sort of milestone I’d say. only 115 left to go… oh wait… 116 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks for piping up on toothpicks! It’s one of those disposable things that seems to fly underneath people’s radars.

    You know, it’s funny, I was walking through the grocery store the other day and I saw a package for a metal stick that said “Cake tester” on it, and I thought, “I don’t need that. I just use a tooth pick.” Whoops…

    Time to make a conscious effort to use something else to check my cakes and quick breads!

  3. CindyW says:

    If one thinks about it – cutting down thousands of beautiful old growth trees that sustain a whole eco system just so people can pick leftover out of their teeth. Not sure if it is just sad or sad to the point of ironic.

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